– A Trench Coat or Rain Coat that fits you is a must. Make sure the seam lays on the middle of your shoulder and make sure the sleeve length lays at least two inches into your hand wrist. To start pick a basic tones and make sure it has hand pockets.-

Model; Ricky Watson
Photography & Style; Oscar De las salas
Location; First Christian Church grounds, Phoenix, AZ.
(Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright)

Newspaper boy hat; Loro Piana (knitted Baby Cashemere)


Rain Trench Coat; Ferragamo
Shirt; Gucci
Vest with Lapel; Loro Piana
Pants; Dolce & Gabanna
Scarf; Banana Republic
Sunglasses; Maui Jim
copy rights http://www.whatwouldoscardo.wordpress.com

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