The final Look

This is the final look for Mrs. Etkin at the red carpet (front)

Dress by; Emilio Pucci (by Neiman Marcus)
Jewelry by; Golden & Green Diamonds by “Louis XV Jewelry”, located in Phoenix AZ.
Necklace and matching earrings has a market value of approx. 500K, made of 345 cts of “Golden Beryl” (Golden Emeralds) that took about 3 years for the jewelers of “Louis XV ” to produce. Golden Emeralds are originally from Brazil and on this particular setting, each diamond is surrounded by 15 carats of tsavorite garnets, accenting the shape and edging of each of the links.
Shoes by: Jimmy Choo. Toes pick black suede
Shrug by; Black Mink by Neiman Marcus private Collection (not shown)
Clutch by; Judith Lieber Privee – (diamond pave on animal print pattern)
Style by; Oscar De las salas – “O Productions” ©

PHOTOS by : Victoria Schiafino ©

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