Well, If I tell you the difference for the purpose of sport , you might not get it (or not be interested, like some of us).

All that I know, is that I grew up attending the first one, yes, the Polo matches, and it is a tradition that is widely practiced in Southamerica, more so in Argentina, remember my post from few years back?


Well, things have not changed, and this video from last year’s celebration of POLO PARTY will let you know how fun it is to attend a Polo match,…

And some stills courtesy of Jam Sani Photography;

So, if you are attending this year’s derby,….I have some suggestions for you;

  • Wear wedges
  • Make sure a cute hat is part of the ensemble
  • Minimal make-up
  • A hand fan will make you look chick
  • fresh flowers are always a plus
  • Light colors, or prints will do magic
  • Slacks are good as long as they palazzo
  • Do not wear jockey boots,  you are NOT a jockey, nor will ride a horse
  • Tons of Suncreen
  • Only Champagne, and please moderation.

Enjoy the day, the weather, the friends and the races,…take tons of selfies (don’t post all of them, what will people think of you? – egocentric much?)

Oh, and call UBER, a cab or a friend if you cannot drive.

See you at the derby,….darlin’!

Always in Style!


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