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  1. a person or thing that influences another.
    “he was a champion of the arts and a huge influencer of taste”
    a person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media.

Well, it seems that the many years of expressing my point of view, and trying to create a wave, bring importance to fitness of design and style to a community has labeled me as “influencer”, and I do not take that lightly.

Last week I was invited by the management and marketing department of our local Saks Fifth Avenue located whiting the Biltmore District in town.


To be part of an event by the name of “Influence & Be influenced”. I gladly accepted as I am a fan of the brand, and their historic curatorial practice of bring style to anywhere in the world.

Media Breakfast Evite 2019.png

With me in the panel, two power houses in town;

Catherine Anaya &Jan Bracamonte, whom I adore and have the outmost respect. Both are incredible talented in their own field, a staple of elegance and sophistication, in addition to incredible fashionistas .


It was a very early breakfast, with the outmost fabulous group of design and fashion bloggers, lovers can social influencers in town.

The outstanding food by Benedict’s Catering, and yummy libations  (I had ONE fabulous mismosa with guava juice, go figure!) with music curated by DJ W.F. Rani Gbrought to the morning an ambiance of excitement before the panel,. One that through the mini fashion show/Make-Up and Style presentation by the team (Afi Maita on fashion and Lisa Moore on Beauty), all led and emcee by the Marketing super-user-power-house Manager Mrs. Angela Zdrale. 


It was a instagrammable morning if you ask me, and it felt like; “No-Phone-Was-Left-Behind” if you ask me, but that IS typical of now a days fashion shows and fashion presentation.

Which all and all is great and the information travels fast, fast, fast!

69800282_10162429469800089_1459756510853726208_nThree new talents by FORD/RBA models were the center of the show, changing into the latest trends and fashions that are in the forecast for this Fall,,.No more, No Less!

I saw the animal print exposing everywhere that evening, as well as the continuation of “leggings” when it comes to the day time attire, and of course the love to GOLD or the love of GOLD.

It was, well, a #FAS-TY (a FAShion parTY) all along!


When the moment of the Q&A startded, my co-panelists and myself went-all-out!


It was quite interesting to hear from each point of view of how the world of design and fashion intertwines with each one of our careers, and how the Sonoran desert makes us somehow understand out grounds, our likes of the ground we stand, and our understanding of our own backyard.


My learning of this town after 20 years living here it has always been the same. This is place you call home, only if you want to make home. Get involved, be part of this place you are about to call home and the town will open doors to you.


These are some of the images from the eye of Jean Laninga Creative and you can follow her and her creative eye at @Jeanlaningacreative in all social media portals.






2019 Jean Laninga Creative September 09 2019JLL_8758

2019 Jean Laninga Creative September 09 2019JLL_8757

2019 Jean Laninga Creative September 09 2019JLL_8823

2019 Jean Laninga Creative September 09 2019JLL_8834

2019 Jean Laninga Creative September 09 2019JLL_8852

2019 Jean Laninga Creative September 09 2019JLL_8845

The fashion, food, music, style experience was one to be overjoyed about and I think Jean Laninga did an outstanding job, she even created a fabulous video.


So, get ready for fall, as this year will be a fabulous colorful/animal print one!

Always in Style

~ Oscar


  1. Thanks be to Benedict’s Caterers for inviting me to capture the ambience she contributes to these upscale events, and thank you so much, Oscar, for the shoutouts! It was such a fun event to work and to learn about the upcoming trends for fall fashion. It was nice meeting you and seeing friends there too. Great job to all for a successful event!

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