10th Annual Art d’Core Gala

Saturday March 11th, 2023 @ 6:00pm. . You’re invited to the Arts and Culture Party of the Year! . @artlink_phoenix presents the 10th annual Art d’Core Gala: * * * Rays of Light * * *

A signature celebration that spotlights those who contribute to Arizona’s creativity, community and vitality.

As Honorary Chair and in behalf of the Board of Directors and the Artist Council at Artlink, we invite you to immerse yourself in VISUAL, PERFORMING, FASHION, CULINARY AND MUSICAL works in an 80,000 square foot venue at Park Central in midtown Phoenix.


* Rusty Bowers

* Marcelino Quiñonez

* Justin Wilmeth

* The Carmody Foundation

* Lisa Sette

This brilliant spin on a traditional fundraising gala is the opening night of the “Art d’Core” Exhibition produced by the Artlink Artist Council, featuring a sparkling showcase of artistry that has been named the “Best Arts Collaboration of the Year.

You will be delighted by eye-popping installations, performances, and culinary creations and bask in the glow of Arizona talent.

Get your tickets today : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/512369921227

Allow yourself to follow the “Rays of Light” from the world of arts and experience the wild of senses

SPOTLIGHT ARTISTS: (first names are part of the Artlink Phoenix Artitst Council)

* Kenaim Al-Shatti • Farnaz Mansouri

* Joan Baron • Lindsey Rothrock

* Laura Spalding Best • Zach Valent

* Diana Calderon • Lauren Lee

* Ruby Farias • Michael Schwartz

* Magda Gluszek • Estephanie Gonzalez

* Liliana Gomez • Camila Ibarra

* Abbey Messmer • Rita Kova

* Rembrandt Quiballo • Mehrdad Mirzaie

* Patricia Sannit • E.G. Hall

* Katharine Leigh Simpson • Molly Schenck

* Tricee Thomas • John Moody

Some images from LAST YEAR art and gala experience extravaganza:

Do not miss…..!

Always in style,

Oscar ~

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