My Favorite Things

Welcome to my Favorite Things!

If you visit any of the stores, please mention my name and the fact that you saw this on my blog, it might be your lucky day and you might get a discount!


Please visit or @framedewe on Instagram


My favorite frames are the Yves by Jacques Marie Mage. I have them in brown with amber color lenses, and they are my daily frames when driving.


Please visit or @suitsupply on Instagram

I wear Havana or Lazio silhouettes and have each color of the TRAVELLER suit for daily use and suggest you to take a look to the TUXEDO Package. Affordable, modern, comfortable with new and innovative fabrics at a good price point.

One of my the staples in my closet and a suit that I use for meetings with leather wingtips shoes, or a T-shirt and comfortable white sneakers is this TRAVELLER blue pinstripe suit. A very light pure wool shot that for $599 is very, very versatile.

A true investment if you ask me, and that is why this is one on my FAVORITE THINGS!


Please visit, or @Beautycounter on Instagram.

You can order through my skincare specialist Lisa McNamara and for a personalized discount click on the following link:

If you want/need a consultation, or want samples or recommendations, please email Lisa at this address:


She will be able to tell you all my routine and my favorite products from the BEAUTYCOUNTER line.

I use this COUNTERSTARTCococream Cleanser at night and before going to bed. It is a silky cleaner that is not too aggressive on my skin.

Strongly recommend the Counter+Overnight Resurfacing Peel for everyday use. You will see changes on your skin as you use it overnight.

Now, it will be tingly and has a delicious citrus smell, so you know!

To cover the overnight surfacing peel and to help hydrate the skin, I use this face and neck hydrate cream. It is a bit thicker than what I am used to, but the next morning the shaving is easier, ever since it helps to soothe the skin.


Please visit or Brera_Orologi on Instagram.

I own their Gran Turismo Collection in Black on Black and Nude on Black for everyday use.

I get asked about my watch a lot. Actually, we own two. One all black and the other one in beige with black letters.

It is my daily timepiece and perhaps out of all the ones we own, my favorite. Super versatile and comfortable, heavy, yet elegant and masculine.


Please visit Vintage by Misty or @Vintagebymisty or @heirloomfinejewelry on instagram to find incredible vintage luxury items within the world of fashion, in mint condition!


As I always say;

  • “When you know, you know and what you know, if good, people should know what you know”

I am kinda’, sorta’, telling ya’ that through my experience, I have learned of some places and spaces, where you are able to find those luxury items you want/need/ought to have, and one of my favorite places is Vintage by Misty. My friend Misty Guerreiro, will be able to help you create you own look, find that luxury designer piece you need, or even curate your closet from season to season.

One of my favorite findings is an off-white linen VERSACE shirt years back, with a fabric so light and so luxurious that is my To-Go shirt when we travel to warmer climates, and it is a perfect shirt for elegant hot summer day affairs or relax beach days.

Most recently, I tried a vintage off-the runway GUCCI natural shearling coat that I wanted to get, but I decided that it was better to wait until next winter.

So, to my surprise, stylist of Rihanna, yup! the singer, saw it and requested a new picture of the coat, to which the owner, my friend Misty, sent Rihanna the picture of myself modeling the coat. She asked to be sent to her immediately, and I am telling you. It is a fabulous statement piece, but also a everyday wear, since it is soft and comfortable.

This is the original picture. We were actually picking up looks for a photoshoot I styled and directed at the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for the talented Live Auctioneer (“Auctiontainer” term coined by Alice Cooper).

Letitia Frye‘s looks curated from Vintage by Misty for this shoot were spot on, and you can see the whole process and result on this page, here on my blog: A WALK IN HER SHOES

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