Recently Gary and I had the pleasure to attend  the opening of “Rolfs Salon 25th Anniversary Party and Grand Redesign Reveal”, a local (now worldwide Hair Style Spa), and as the night progressed we talked to a blogger that I’ve seen covering high Fashion events in town

Well, few days later we received this very well composed article about us and our style by Ms. Tiesha Harrison via “Describe Your Style” blog.

I wanted to share it with you all, as sometimes you think you are unnoticeable in a room,…well, that is NOT the case….

ps; I had an accident the night before christmas and suffer some sprains (in case you wonder about the “pimp” cane keeping me stable)


Photography by; Tiesha Harrison

Location; ROLFS salon, Scottsdale, Arizona

Her blog is also via wordpress….=)


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  1. Thank you sooooo much! It is an honor to have you on Describe Your Style! Your style is Flawless.
    – Tiesha

    1. Tiesha-
      Thank you for including us. What a GREAT honor…..we do our best to always be “in style”

      Always in style…