Well, the time has come, ladies…

I am a fan of a woman dressed to kill (you know what I mean by that). This new series of fashion posts here on my blog will talk about female and male fashion…and will give you tools to use in your day-to-day attire and for special occasions.

Little by little – recommendations, hints, tips and other suggestions to spice-up your look will come as part of this series, and as with this particular post, I will showcase someone that I think portrays the best of what STYLE is all about in the subject we are covering. My recommendations are applicable to any woman, no matter the age, profession, style, or who they are – and will discuss how to look effortlessly elegant or perhaps how to continue the sophistication you already have acquired.

As you may know, I produce all of my posts;  I do the styling, as well as the photography, so please bear with me as the production tried to go a bit larger, the equipment hopefully gets better and posts become more complex. My goal here is to help bring back the good all-American style to the streets, to the clubs and social places where we all interact. I feel that kind of style is often lost due to the RELAXED culture we currently live with at this moment in time.

So, to start with women’s fashion, I want to begin with a subject which brought back passion to everyday people through the main character in the Sex and the City television series, Ms. Carrie Bradshaw….with her SHOE FEVER.

The multiple styles and transitions of a TV caracther of the famous series SEX IN THE CITY.
The multiple styles and transitions of a TV character of the famous series SEX IN THE CITY, made people aware of the high sensibility females have for shoewear.
The book was not as powerful as the mini-series, but all and all the amount of traffic to referenced designers plus the type of shoes shown on the miniseries were outrageous!

Here is a little clip I found on YOU TUBE of a moment that every single female experiences when they see a pair of shoes they LOVE…in this case she says ‘hello’ to a pair of Manolo Balhnik shoes at a storefront in Manhattan.

No change in society is free, and the history of shoe design dates to the beginning of society, and to the need of having our ‘plantar’ (meaning sole) protected and away from rough surfaces, humidity and other environmental conditions which we cannot control. The apperance of stilettos (called as such as the heel simulates a dagger – or a pointy knife ) dates to the 19th century and even if they are attractive, they are NOT for all. There is always a rule when it comes to height/weight proportion. The taller you are and the thinner you are, the thinner your shoe heel can be. For plus sizes, thicker or shorter heels are best. It is that simple to maintain proportion.

Listen to your body and look at yourself in the mirror to maintain proportions. Unless you are wearing a garment that goes to the floor and you want to enjoy higher heels, I would stay away from undefined proportions – now, hear me out – there are wedges, sandals, platforms and other shapes that could provide the feeling that you are wearing high heels, even stilettos.

Walking through London this past September, I ran into this fantastic display created by the hands and the mind of Mr. Rem Koolhaas (architect and designer) and Galahad Clark at a store by the name of UNITED NUDE, which is expanding quickly,  you can read the many comments when the photo was posted to Facebook (you can follow me there as well by my name “Oscar De las salas”) All of my females friends saw this display as sheer paradise!

Flagship store in London
The best designed contemporary shoe display – UNITED NUDE – Flagship store in London

I want you to meet a good friend of mine, who is a celebrity ‘live auctioneer’ and who has been working with me on the style for her public appearances and her new image. This small collection of pictures, is hopefully the first of many shoots to continue to define her image and launch other new and future opportunities, so stay tuned.

I met Ms. Letitia Frye about two years ago at a fundraiser gala event here in Phoenix, She is undoubtedly a very gorgeous woman with a great personality (she modeled for a number of years which I just happened to find out as I was shooting with her for this post). Well, last year at a popular event to benefit a local organization called “One n Ten, during the fundraiser brunch, she called attention to her unique pair of Jimmy Choo shoes that one of the attendees decided to photograph and post it on Facebook. She still jokes that the pair of shoes received more likes than she.

Ms. Frye in love with Christian
Ms. Frye poses for the camera with a CH dress and her beloved Christian Lobutin shoes. Nothing like a red on red brunch outfit – the glitter of the shoes and the sheen of the dress make the ensamble a sophisticated one, for sure!

So, her popular shoes became her trademark, and are perfectly suited to Ms. Frye.

Today, she is well known locally and nationally for her tasteful collection of designer shoes, a ‘crest’ which  she uses during her live auctions. As she controls her auctions with the skill of a surgeon, she covers the entire stage with the speed of a jaguar, moves gracefully from table to table in the room, and flies through the crowd perched upon a pair of impossibly high, very fashionable stilettos. All this skill, hype, and emotional coaxing help to drive and set in motion an operation in which the attending guest is at her mercy to bid, bid, bid for items which will help, heal, and provide support for many a worthy organization.

Ms. Frye conducting her LIVE auction wearing a vintage dress and a pair of Christian Lobutins.
Ms. Frye conducting her LIVE auction wearing a vintage dress and a pair of Christian Lobutins, one of many pairs she owns.

At the 2013 Contemporary Forum Auction at the Phoenix Art Museum, we ran into each other and the spark of an idea took place.

  • This was my post on Facebook:  “Ms. Frye… understands fashion on many ways, her public appearances allow her to change the requirements of her looks depending on each event – this animal print on a light chiffon with a simple rouge on her waist made her look ethereal and diaphanous but still grounded and grand on stage and within the crowd.
  • Great choice for an evening where most of the crowd found black as an ally. As contemporary artists, art lovers and art followers the general consent is that the blend of all colors, or the result of absence or the complete absortion of light (which is the color black) is the solution to anything intrusive/decorated/saturated and helps to round-up the simple statement of minimal.
  • Style and fashion comes from being able to step foward and create a personal point, and a departure, but also trough the ability of creating change, which reflects on a unique sytle.
  • Great option for an evening like this a silent auction for people that wears only black.”
As Ms. Frye and myself ran into each other, we knew that the SHOE FEVER was the anchoring point.
Ms. Frye and me: We knew that  SHOE FEVER was the anchoring point.

The spark was there and we decided to collaborate on a different image. The first look I was able to pull was for the 2013 “One n Ten” brunch last weekend.

A good girl look with a pair of Lobutins, CH dress and Addisson Taylor Jewelry

A good girl look with a pair of Louboutin’s, CH dress and Addison Taylor Jewelry
Ms. Frye is wearing a pair of "Christian Louboutin" glittering platform peep toe pumps Oxblood shoes.....a trademark of her *SHOE FEVER * when she is conducting a LIVE AUCTION....!
Ms. Frye is wearing a pair of “Christian Louboutin” glittering platform peep toe oxblood pumps…..a trademark of her *SHOE FEVER* when she is doing her magic onstage!

She wanted to wear a pair of “Christian Louboutin” glittering platform peep toe oxblood pumps, to give the “Wizard of Oz” image as the crowd will react to the look.  To complete the very sophiticated ‘good girl’ look, she is wearing jewelry from “Addison Taylor – Fine Jewelry”.

Here are some takes of her latest photoshoot, where I styled her with some of her favorites creative looks. A bit of Carolina Herrera, a bit of Gucci from the 70’s mixed with a contemporary feel and urban take. A very Milano, Roma, or Firenze spring look girl early in the day, and at closing of the shoot, there emerged a rocker which just had to be a part of this specific set.

All of her looks have something in common: her adoration for shoes and of course, the high caliber designer shoes she wears. So, I did my best to combine the shoes with the imagination and vision she inspired in me when we first met.

Mediterranean Elegance
A pattern on pattern with jeans and animal print, plus light frames on shades….HOT!
Simple, urban, but resort.
With a pair of her beloved Cavali denim pants – so called jeans – and a Gucci combination of shirt and bow, Ms. Frye’s look brings memories of springtime in the Amalfi coast.
Ms. Letitia Frye is the star of the first of many posts about shoes. She is known for her live auction skill and entertainment, in which she often changes shoes just to walk through the crowd to make it happen…and capture support for the many organizations she supports.
Q/; Best pair for denim?
A/; Animal print peep toe heel

Her love of Cavalli pants and blouses reminds me of my sister. The combination with high heels (stilettos) and coats in different lengths is a very urban, yet sophisticated look.

Two tone heel
A pair of  pumps always make you elegant and distinctive. Pick one that feels comfortable (somewhat) and learn how to manuever in them. They are not for everyone.
Red heel
Simple pumps with red heel & red knot by Jimmy Choo make their apperance.
Day look
It is always sunny in the “Valley of the Sun”. Make sure to wear shades, and when you do, pick a frame that fits your face and your style.
Day look
The belt over the blouse makes the silhouette feminine and natural – a very simple trick widely used in the 1960’s that is never out of style.
Day time
The jacket calms the look in terms of tones. As a blonde, the jacket has the perfect sheen to make her simply glow.
Night Change
Notice how the heel and the jacket play off each other – the look talks about elegance, sexyness but yet still very ‘city’!

I decided to make a quick change in looks by simply changing the jacket. See how the red of the shoe now ties up the entire look together. Maybe a good transition from daytime to nighttime? Or maybe from street to the club?  I do recommend to keep a bright jacket in your car (if you are able) or in the office for an easy update. Find one with a very slim cut to your body, and a tactile material, so you are able to change your look if need be.

Night change
By simply changing the jacket for a bold red color, she is ready to hit the town.

This next set is one that she simply adores. She is wearing a vintage skirt that her mother passed on to her, I decided to style the whole set as a Carolina Herrera style look – I keep telling females that a simple white shirt and a good set of oversized jewels will do to give a girl the look of a sophisticated lady. Ms. Herrera has done it for decades and it survives as a simple trademark.

Check how the strap shoes projects a flamenco inspiration that tells a story without being stereotyped…well, sort of!

España y olé!
What better to create a Spanish influence than a pair of strap heels – may the SHOE FEVER continue for a while.
España y olE!
A simple white cotton blend shirt with pop-up collar and cuffs. Talk about how elegant a woman could be. Note the pleated fold on the front – details, details, details!
España y olé!
Note how a simple scarf replaces the belt and makes the transition between the colors and materials.
España y olé!
With a hint of Spain and Andalucia, in a vintage Coral Red long skirt with trumpet cut (which belonged to her grandmother), Ms. Frye is paired up with colorful earrings, demo pearls and complementing jewelry.

And the finale.

The rocker look. She had to have it, and I fully agree.

I keep telling my friends to keep a style, but be a chameleon…it pays, as everyone is able to pulloff a look, sometimes without knowing how they did it.

The high knee boots and the miniskirt with the calf length coat makes this look simply –  urban and in your face. It is not for everyone, but it is for everyone who wants a change and is willing to take the chance. Next morning, go back to your style!

Rock & Roll,!
This look was requested by Ms. Frye, and it brings out that alter-ego and makes it completely her style.
Boots, Mini-skrit and long trench coat….hail a cab, and go to town!
Rock & Roll,!
A simple cotton T-top and Prince of Wales pattern mini makes the school girl look go rock and roll, yet styled!
Rock & Roll,!
Wearing an incredible diamond studded cross & white gold chain, the whole ensemble reads irreverent -which is the definition of Rock & Roll!
Rock & Roll,!
A light wool calf length coat makes the ensemble seasonable as well. Girls in large cities know this look very well and they use it frequently for  nightlife.
Rock & Roll,!
Oversized sunglasses are a must! – after all YOU will look like a “rock-star”!

Oh, have I mentioned that she spent summers in Puerto Rico? Or that we have more than one friend in common? Or  that the talented Puerto Rican born Mr. Werner Segarra (my brother from another mother) is a common friend?  Well, stay tuned on that note as well, because there is more to come on that connection.

In the mean time, let SHOE FEVER start!

P.S.  I received a link on my inbox this AM about launching a luxury line that is affordable and with a “curated” process to send you the lines you like most – so the search is not an endless process, just one click away, and voila! You can have the fantasy shoes sent to your door.

Treat the FEVER ladies, with a little Ibuprofen and a few clicks on

– Model; Letitia Frye
– Fashion; Ms. Frye private wardrobe
– Jewelry; Addison Taylor
– Photography & Style: Oscar De las salas
– MUA & Hair; Gissela Molina
– Style & Production Assitant; Dani Astorga
– Style Assistant 1 ; Pamela Padilla
– PR Manager for is Ms. Ana Tackett

DISCLAIMER:  All ideas, photography, styling and media on this blog photography, written or video are exclusive for the use of Oscar De las salas under Any use, copy, crop/paste action, or any similarity of this material is strictly prohibited unless authorized by or by Author. All Copyright laws for internet or media use are applicable. If you want, need or require any of this material for any reason please contact my agent – Always in style – Oscar.

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