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I wanted to have images which capture me, my identity, without fuzz, not overly styled,..within the surroundings of our home. Placement in my surroundings which what makes me unique.
No images may be used as advertisement for another product or company. All legal copy rights to Michele Lee photography

In this blog, I tend to always sit behind the lens.

Sometimes, I show you my guest (the person that I am interviewing or making an image change) from the very early stages in my process, and  sometimes, I choose to be bold and show myself in picture to you, or in the pictures I took with my guest the day. Or I may take you back to the time I met my guest. I sometimes even show you a series of chronological images of our friendship (photos I keep in a very enormous folder on my computer), or I share pictures of how I use my own image in a campaign with which I am involved.

Lastly, the one that I am not afraid to show myself in, is my personal take on the latest trends and style must-dos.

Now, perhaps I should show you more of my portfolio of interior designs, or one of the many architectural projects that I’ve designed, rather than the use of my image and images? But perhaps that way, I would be a little more self-promoting – but that is not me. So since we all have our appearance and personal image, I choose (for now) to focus on that.

And this time, I was in front of the camera with a very talented photographer Ms. Michele Lee.

The experience of working with Ms. Lee was nothing less than wonderful.  She has a very personal and personable way to make you feel comfortable and special, and I think that she was able to capture my substance. She picked up in the images some of my soul and who I really am. She has a very, very, very intimate method that is not easy to describe, full of energy and charisma.

She told me that the process varies with the subject that sits with her in front of her camera. “It is all about the energy, and the synergy,” she explained.

And I cannot agree more.

Her background in years freelancing as a celebrity makeup artist has created a very large portfolio and a repertoire which varies tremendously; ranging from well-known actors and performers, to professional business people – such as doctors, real state agents, bankers – to families, plus her  collection extends to new faces and professional models. Within her vast experience in editorial styling, she has a talent for bringing the everyday person into an editorial photo shoot. She believes everyone is a star and should be treated like one.

From my perspective, Ms. Lee captures more than an image; she attracts the intrinsic nature of that person, in a  modern way, and the result communicates that essence!

So, what is my style for my headshots?

Well, I ALWAYS like to present myself within the minimal of minimal. Just a black tank or T-shirt made of light cotton, a pair of dark denim pants, a simple belt. Sometimes black or grey light cotton slacks with no pleats and classic cut, accompanied by simple loafers (with or without dark, design-free socks).

As for my accessories?

Once again, I choose simple; my customary (and needed) glasses, one of my favorite watches, and one or two silver sterling or titanium rings that my other half  has given to me during a special holiday. (I like something meaningful to keep in print a reminder of our love on the portrait.)

As I am often creating an image for others, I’d rather be the silent person, the minimalist and quiet one. Even though during this session and as comfortable as Ms. Lee made me feel, I decided to be daring and wear a print, bold color with my usual and longtime friend – my bow tie. This session was not inspired by an editorial or anything complicated and overly designed, but the “synergy” she stated from the beginning still made it’s entrance. These pictures show my affinity for those moments.

Ms. Lee also produces small film, and snippets of her clients, capturing moments in life. Love and family are the main themes she works with which can be used simply as a virtual postcard to clients. These are mediums that I’ve never seen before and are created and produced with such class and pizzaz. They are a mini-commercial of who you are in your life via short film, which can also be used as a unique timeless keepsake to say hello and remember your love ones.

Here are some frames of my experience with her. I hope you like them as much as I love my new creations. These will be sent to my agent to promote and distribute to the industry as a snapshot of who I am.

As I say when I find something that I really, really like,”Ms. Lee is Oscar-endorsed!

From Her Phone
A color take with my signature bow tie and my oversized glasses.
My favorite sweater in a raspberry tone that makes me feel simply happy.
Simply O
Supermodel…of sorts…
O smile
I rarely pose smiling, but this time Ms. Lee made me trust that we all need to smile, so here I am…
More O smile
The result is simply clear: Ms. Lee was able to capture who I am and my persona. This picture was taken at our home.
Pensive O
Perhaps my favorite shot of all.
Rat Pack O
With Mr. Dean Martin in my hands…
Home/Studio O
A mix of my life at the moment – fashion, style and architecture.
My studio at home
My life as an architect/designer and as a fashion writer, commentator and fashion producer. All in one little studio.
Work O
Life in the studio, day-to-day, it is something new and exciting.
Design O
People ask me about my addiction to design – all I say is that I am fortunate to have a “multi-sensorial” affinity to design and style. It is a passion that I cannot control and is part of who I am today.
Online O
My agent’s portal. Mr. Tony Felice Image and Talent Management is where these pictures will end up at.
Signature O
My signature look – simple black and white, with my B & W polka-dot bow tie. This is so ‘me’ and I feel like myself. Own the world, as you look good!
My new branding image.
Behind the Lens
The preliminary takes were a simple proof that this was my new image. I was more than thrilled with the ambiance, the synergy and the wholeness of the moment.
Ms. Michele Lee
The talented photographer, make-up artist, stylist Ms. Michele Lee. (This is a candid shot I captured during a breakfast at our home.)

And it is usual when you work with people’s images  here are the DISCLAIMERS:
DISCLAIMER:  Written perceptions os moments and experiences condensed on this blog post,  styling , and images are exclusive for the use of Oscar De las salas under Any use, copy, crop/paste action, or any similarity of this material is strictly prohibited unless authorized by or by Author. All Copyright laws for internet or media use are applicable. If you want, need or require any of this material for any reason please contact my agent – Always in style – Oscar.

DISCLAIMER 2 :  Images on this blog post  may not be published, broadcast or otherwise redistributed without the permission of Michele Lee Photography.

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