Last post on this blog was about my experience with opera-singer Anna Vivette and an incredible group of professionals, who together as a team, produced images for her new marketing and new image.

Now, I want to show you the other side: the ‘live’ and pubic image of Anna when singing in public appearances, and at private performances.

I was able to select garments for several of her public presentations, but in particular, I wanted to share these special instances. The first performance was as part of a annual dinner to support a local foundation that helps individuals coping with AIDS and HIV called Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS.  The organization just recently opened their new health and service center “The Parsons Center for Health and Wellness” with the support of many individuals and companies in the Phoenix valley. Specifically, the pictures below are from the latest gala by the name of Night for Life at the Montelucia Resort & Spa in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Anna needed a striking dress to have a significant presence on stage, so I opted for a kaftan with detailed brocade embroidery brought from Tel Aviv by Vintage by Misty. Misty’s carries a fantastic arrangement of very specific vintage pieces from many eras, and this one had a spectacular twist of Middle East and a touch of 60’s and 70’s prints. Fantastic store – visit them if you can.

On Stage
Ms. Anna Vivette sings live for the audience, during the annual “Night for Life” fundraiser for the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS.

The diaphanous dress needed nothing else other than a statement ring and a pair of decadent earrings. We opted for leaving the space of the bodice to speak by itself. The radiance of the embroidery within the fabric reflected back to the public making the moment one to remember. Stage presence for a coloratura is very important as she and the music are the only two elements on stage, so the components must be decadent, while staying understated. A very difficult exercise, but I think that we reached the goal. (While it is hard to see in the photo, the candles in the stage background helped to close and wrap-around the effect).

“The Sorceress of Song”, Ms. Anna Vivette presents a rhetorical intermezzo during the annual Night for Life fundraiser.

Here is Anna with our local weather and TV personality Mr. Sean Mc. Laughlin, who acted as an emcee at the Night for Life event.

Local Celebrities
In the magazines and in local newspapers, Ms. Anna Vivette shows how she looks best!

Prior this appearance. Anna had to do a solo a capella presentation during a cocktail hour at the same place and space where we  worked on her new album cover images – the residence of Mr. Bob Platt & Mr. Richard Bruno. For this performance,  we wanted to have a modern take with a mondrianesque , strong geometrical design – and as counterpoint to the effect, she donned the very high “french twist” hair bun which solidified the effect.

Getting Ready
Anna wearing an Adrienne Vittadini three color geometrical design dress.
Hair & MUA; Gissela Molina
Garment; Private Boutique
Jewelry; Benetton
Shoes; Gucci

Anna is strongly committed to give back to the community, and on this occasion, she extended herself to one of the nonprofits that is also strongly supported in my own home. The Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS, for which Mr. Bob Platt is a board member, organized this table host party, at which Anna was the guest star.

The Diva and Me
Ms. Vivette during her public appearance at a private residence for a mini-concerto.
Amigas (girlfriends)
Two of my lovely subjects of this blog. Mrs. Irma Diehl and Ms. Anna Vivette, who are strong allies for our community. They are each impressively talented and great friends – posing together for a social reporter. (I just snapped this picture with my phone afterwards)
La Soprano
Here is Ms. Anna Vivette in the moment! As she was singing for the standing audience, who all responded with one voice, “Encore, Encore, Encore!”

Recently, invited by the Phoenix Theatre Grand Opening Event last October, we had to move really fast after learning that Ms. Anna Vivette had to be on stage to perform an aria (or two) to be part of a live auction item. No more no less than a dining experience with my good friend Mr. Gabielle Bertaccini, the man behind “iL TOCCO”  with a live presentation by the coloratura soprano, with a culinary experience like no other – and sadly, one on which I was not able to bid (as we were attending another event the other side of the city).

So, Ms. Anna Vivette wanted to create an enchanting effect.

This time, I contacted my good friend Ms. Natalia Acosta, a very well known local couturier, who has shown her beautiful evening gowns and extensive designs during Phoenix Fashion Week 2012, and Latino Fashion Live 2013 and who is fast becoming a staple of evening garmenting. The designer now has a store in downtown and a website where she sells her designs called Italia Rocks Couture.

Here are three options she picked for the occasion, and this yellow one was her favorite gown.

Fitting at Natalia Acosta's boutique - Yellow
This high-waisted organza skirt in multiple yellow tones and several under-layers, with a sequined and embroidered detail on the bodice was the one that most attracted Ms. Vivette.
Fititng at Natalia Acosta's Boutique - Pink
A very similar look to the yellow with similar materials. But here, volume was the key and the idea was to fill the stage and give an ethereal, yet elegant presence.
Fitting at Natalia Acosta's Boutique - Black
The theme for the moment was the same. A very heavily embroidered and detailed corset with a high volume skirt. In this case, the all asymmetrical and deconstructed geometry was calmed by the black tone. It could have been a good choice as well.
The decision
Even if every gown at the boutique was the dream one, Ms. Anna Vivette got last minute information about the theme and mood of the event.
So, to pair up and to match the tone of the gala, we decided to use a Purple-Label Ralph Lauren single purple tone waist-wrapped long sleeve and scoop-neck jersey with satin bodice. The high waist wrap detail was perfect to match the theme of the evening.
Classic Beauty
With her signature french twist and decorated earrings, paired with smoky evening eyes and soft lips, Ms. Anna Vivette gets ready to perform at the Phoenix Theatre.
MUA & Hair; Ms. Roberta Duran-Koelfgen
The Muse
A simple yet elegant silhouette, far from the initial idea ended up as the perfect solution to match the theme of the evening.
The Muse and her Knight
Ms. Anna Vivette is photographed with her inspiration and life connection, Maestro Shahrok Rezvani during the Phoenix Theatre event earlier last month.

Thank you, Ms. Anna Vivette for letting me lead the way and finding new meanings for your appearances with you. And thank for you for allowing me to create new images for you. The greatness of your art is unique and so it should mirror your presence to the world.

You are a true “Sorceress of Song”.

(DISCLAIMER:  All ideas, photography, styling and media on this blog photography, written or video are exclusively for the use of  Oscar De las salas under blog. Any use, copy, crop/paste action, or any similarity of this material is strictly prohibited unless authorized by or by Author. All copyrights laws for internet or media use are applicable. If you want, need or require any of this material for any reason please contact my agent – Always in style – Oscar.)

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