With the other Oscars this weekend, I have four clients who I have given my OSCAR look (don’t ask me who – I cannot say), and while I have posted and tweeted many various images and comments on about my most recent red carpet production for the for the Golden Globes Awards 2014, I wanted to go back and pull toegther some of the images and emotions of the experience into a singular timeline. 

This first image below is the one that recapitulates a weekend full of ‘intense couture moments’.  With my iPhone on hand, no lights, no bouncing screens, no lenses, nothing other than  Galia Lahav’s  Haute Couture “MICHELINE” couture gown on the very muse which inspired it – Ms. Micheline Etkin. I decided to bring her to the street in front of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and to set the stage, I requested the doormen to stand side by side of her, held oncoming pedestrians back and asked the lobby personnel to be aware not letting anyone out.

With the winter sun behind us, and using the reflection of the light on the granite steps and light stone bulding reflections, I positioned her in the middle of the frame, lowered my eye level to center the frame, and snapped the picture on the phone. Then in editing, I changed into a Black and White frame and posted on social media.

Today, in looking back at this, this capture is the epitome of the moment: elegance, demure, couture, and in a sense, fashion to the highest levels.

A timeless image
Captured with my iPhone, Ms. Micheline Etkin poses in front of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, waiting for the limousine to arrive.

As we awaited for the limo to arrive and take us to The Beverly Hilton Hotel, what is not in this photo is what was running through my head. I paused for a second and thought back over everything that brought us to this point, and the steps we took to get to this nervousness and excitement that was about to unfold once Ms. Etkin stepped into the red carpet to attend the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Golden Globes Awards 2014.

Like a movie in fast forward, I remembered this first contact via video-greeting, sent directly fron Tel-Aviv to my phone from Mr. Ofer Navon (my dear friend Misty Guerreiro’s husband). Ofer is co-owner with his wife of a vintage store I love in town called Vintage by Misty. He travels frequently to Phoenix and knew my admiration for Galia Lahav and her beautiful bridal collection.

Little by little for almost eight months, I had conversations back and forth with the design team to somehow “curate” the process, give ideas, and create this very haute couture moment.

And coincidentally supporting all of this creativity, was a process driven by technology.

So, the dress was delivered on Christmas eve, and few minutes into Christmas day 2013, we opened the box, and unwrapped the incredible design.

Midnight Christmas
Right at 12:00AM Arizona time, we excitedly opened the box, and voila! There it was, MICHELINE, the haute couture gown.

As better described by Sharon on Galia’s blog;

– “I made this dress with the pure fascination of the texture of black diamonds and the pattern of a prism once light is glared upon it. I love complex patterns in addition to fabric fixated on the human body exposing sections of bare skin. We don’t make dresses here at Galia Lahav, we make art through wardrobe. All though it is a still gown, you can feel it’s movement and life through it’s three dimentional texture dancing it’s way around Micheline’s body.”

The gown could be described as;

– A black and nude lace pattern which geometric design is reminiscent od art deco or art nuveou prints, embriodered with thousands of lentil size black sequence within the black pattern. The bodess, a simple long sleeve flute shape cut that form fits the body with a plunge V-neck line, framed with a scalp edge, and  added sheer side panels and full naked back that create an illussion of nakedness.

First Try-on
The first try-on of the gown revealed the perfection of it all. In that clichéd phrase, ‘it fit her like a glove…’
The Back
The back of the dress left us speechless, an impressive deep plunge and open back detail that revealed a high note of sensuality.
Doing the Rounds
The gown’s namesake modelled the streamlined luxury for her Chirstmas eve guests in a sneak peak viewing. Not fitted or styled as yet, she and the gown were both already stunning.

As the gown arrived, we had to do final tailoring – the design and construction took place miles away and never had fitting. To my surprise only a hem inversion, some pinned elements on the shoulder and a simple addition of a thumb holder were needed.

To our surprise, the needed of tailoring was minimal. We enlisted Tamara Crawford to make all the adjustments needed, which turned out not to be very many.

And so we were ready, SUPER ready!

A visit to LOUIS XV to select the jewelery had to take place, in order to review what we have selected. (see previous post).

I decided to change the jewerly as the necklace origonlly picked distracted from the gown and was not to the scale or color. That it was when I realized that elements like that needed to be done live. This time, I had to leave the scallop edge open, add some big element such as earrings to frame the face, as well as accent her hand with a big stone.

Accessories Selection
This was a process, and we talked at a great extend about this. The elegance and timeless design needed statement pieces, so we tried several options and I think we picked the right one.
I know I wanted a large piece but was insecure about color and location – the gems by LOUIS XV are simply spectacular and each could be used in so many different ensembles, but this time… I needed something strong and unique.
More Options
As I looked into the options, color and shape was a must , and was needed. The earrings had green stones and antique gold, so I looked into all possibilities, and decided to look for something similar.
This was the color I wanted but needed the size for a ring and not too big of a setting, so I looked futher.

And so it was, I picked the largest turmaline in the world as a ring, and asked Ms. Etkin to use a gold antique polish nails to match the pending gold elements of the vintage earrings she was about to wear. Once again that seduction I have for juxtaposition and contrast. Once again, the element and the color, the shape and the detial, all the principals of design I learned in school and rehearsed throuhg the life of design were present.

Nails & Details
Lately, this very simple detail of nail design has resurfaced in the world of style, and is a must when it comes to get ready for an occasion like this. So, I decided to push the nails in the direction of the antique gold of the earrings. The elements of gold kept the look current and contrasting.
Scale and Proportion
The size of the earrings and the size of the ring had to be at least two to three times normal size for this ensemble, there was one opportunity to create drama with accessories and this was it.
Complete Look
The nail polish, the ring and the fabric…a total complement to each other.

The minutes before the event, all that I remember was giving the fantastic talents of Ms. Julie Koeth direction in terms of the style of make-up and hair to make the whole style one consistent element.

Getting Ready
The more I try to explain this to people, the more I have to run it through my head. There is nothing certain here, it is all a vision and the process needs a team that is able to work little by little on the final product.
Photography; Kyley Koeth
Last Minute
Here is the last part of the entire process, the last details in the minutes prior.
Photography; Kyley Koeth

And so, we were ready, the whole family and myself. All guests with the best Hollywood look, and Ms. Micheline Etkin wearing her Galia Lahav dress named after her: MICHELINE.

Ready to hit the Red Carpet.
Photography; Kyley Koeth

The limo arrived, the hotel guests stopped to see the spectacular event pass in front of them. We hurried to take the car and left for one of those very glamurous Hollywood moments.

The Limo Arrived
Leaving for the Red Carpet.
Photography; http://www.auxpr.com

As we arrived, the Today Show’s Mr. Matt Lauer and Ms. Savannah Guthrie were transmitting LIVE from the drop-off limo station, we stood there trying to figure out the dynamics and NBC  took the moment, giving us time on air and showing Micheline’s gown. I have some takes sent to me at the time via text. All our friends watching the unfolding of this moment.

Miniutes into the red carpet and the attention was much!
On NBC nationwide, we arrived and all cameras were trying to found out who that was…

Then, the media and the red capet itself.

So many compliments and eyes on Micheline with the MICHELINE…

The 2014 Golden Globes Awards
Official Picture on Red Carpet; Victoria Scheafino
Official Picture on Red Carpet; Victoria Scheafino
Official Picture 3
Official Picture on Red Carpet; Victoria Scheafino

A great experience with a very unique design worn with a unique elegance.

Thank you Galia Lahav and team for this incredible opportunity.




Fashion Producer & Stylist; Oscar De las salas – “O Productions”

Executive Assistant; Silvia Sanchez-Celis

Marketing; “O Productions” “what would oscar do”


International Introductions; Offer Navon & Misty Guerreiro – www.vintagebymisty.com



Fashion; Galia Lahav Haute Couture – www.galialahav.com

Design; Sharon Sever

Marketing;  Donna Yehuda

Designer; Sharon Sever



(Los Angeles – USA)

Fashion; Galia Lahav Haute Couture – http://www.galialahav.com – “MICHELINE” gown 2014 collection

Jewelry;   LOUIS XV jewlershttp://www.bylouis.com

Shoes;  Massaro Paris

Clutch; Judith Lieber

Hair & Makeup;  Julie Koeth

Styling Assistance; Kyley Koeth

Preparation Location;  Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Public Relations Liaison (L.A.); Ben Brusseau – www.auxpr.com

Official Picture on Red Carpet; Victoria Scheafino



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