As a special guest for Dr. Shapiro, a renown aesthetic surgeon, I will be this Thursday March 6th at this office in Scottsdale taking all details of the OSCARS 2014 red carpet, and giving my best tips on fashion, while he talks about aesthetic and beauty treatments to create your own Hollywood look.


Oscar. Photography by Romen Cole
On a Black and White image, Oscar goes to the OSCARS.
Photography by; Romen Cole.

Yes, I will be talking about my favorites,  and my not so favorites, the ones that messed-up, the what-were-you-thinking look, and other points of view during the 75th Annual OSCARS awards.

Well, today and all week the media will be innundaded with the now so famous and what is called now  THE LIST OF…

– “Best and Worst Dressed”,

– “The Top Ten” ,

– “The popular list”

– “The peoples favorites”, etc…

Given to the public in general by the so-called “Fashion Police”,  or by the new and young “Fashion Stylists”, or the “Behind The Scenes” of those moents,  but my favotie one,…”Fashion Experts”, but on Thrusday?

On Thursday, March 6th/ 2014,  you will hear from me details, lots of details and why the ended up on those lists, the materials, the cuts, the information I was aware of, as I am in contact with several styling groups and production houses.

To satisfy questions that I’ve been asked up in the air and media in general , here are up to today the ones that crown my lists (just for you curious friends) – I will not make a list here on my blog and go gown by gown, and who? and why?, and what designer?, what change?.

For that information you can email me, stop me when you see me or call, and I will let you know my thoughts, or better yet to know it  all, …simply, come to the event!

FAVORITE; Charlitze Theron.

Charlize Theron
In Dior, Ms Theron once again made us sigh! – this woman knows her body and has an ability to create a moment of style. The simple mermaid silhouette gown with a long train and Sheerness on the tail is a simple yet elegant cut for most gowns, but what added the interest was the Sheerness on the upper part of the gown, that hint of in-conclusion on the shoulders and connection to the back made us see her skin, giving a sensual tone to the neck, shoulders and arms, simply breath-taking.
Thank you Ms. Theron for allowing us to dream with real Hollywood stars!
Source; Gety Images.
Aanna Kendrick
Ana Kendrik was not able to decide a good look on this appearance wearing a J Medel gown, the black trim on the upper section of the bodes simply distracted the rest of the clean composition, of the garment.
Perhaps the mid shear with geometric design in red was no necessary, as well as the slit on the right leg, or the hi-low cut of the skirt was not adequate for a woman her size, well, too many details and too much on one body that makes you think;
– ” I am sure TIm Gunn would have sent the designer back to the work room”
Nina Garcia would have had a heart attack. Lesson learned, … simple works best!
Source; Getty Images

NOT SO FAVORITE ; Anna Kendrik

This Thursday at Doctor Shapiro, and I will be giving you  lots on information…..I will include on my part;

– My tree essentials of how to look and pick a garment (any garment),

– The basics of creating your own style,

– The advantages of keeping yourself looking young and fresh,

– How to revamp your dresses for a gala and save some bucks!,and

Other little tips and secrets you are not able to see on TV,  I will never publish here on my blog or will let out my social media, those, I need to spend time with you, one on one, and be able to transmit the message.

It will be a very intimate and one on one meet, and I will answering your questions, and you will have the opportunity to hear my ocurrences and points of view of the stars and those they think they are stars!

So,here is the PRESS RELEASE…so R.S.V.P. soon,  http://www.shapiroplasticsurgery.com

really soon….there are only few spots.
Red Carpet Recap

Join us Thursday March 6th for our 2nd Annual Red Carpet Recap event! From the Grammy’s to the Oscars we’ve been watching and gathering the latest tips, treatments, beauty and fashion secrets your favorite celebrities use to look their very best. Curious about which celebrities have had a nip and tuck this year and what exactly they’ve done to make them look so good? Dr. Daniel Shapiro will share the scoop on who’s done what and what you should be doing to look and feel red carpet ready every day!

This year we will also welcome a very special guest, acclaimed fashion stylist & fashion producer Oscar De Las Salas who will dazzle us with a fun ‘What Not to Wear’ Red Carpet fashion presentation. We’ll toast red carpet season with champagne, hors d’eourves and every guest will leave with a special Oscar-worthy gift! Some of the topics Dr. Shapiro and Oscar will cover include:

– How leading ladies Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Christie Brinkley and Nicole Kidman look better than ever

– Did they or didn’t they? Hollywood plastic surgery secrets

– Combination skin treatments

– What works and what doesn’t

– Injections – the latest and the greatest NEW injectables

– Toss the Spanx – we’ve got better body secrets for looking your best in a red carpet dress

– Fat Transfers and Face Lifts – the good, the bad and the ugly

– The NEW Anti-Aging program all the celebs are doing

– The 5 Hollywood skincare products and tools you need in your beauty arsenal

– The Best Dressed and the Worst Dressed this awards season -Fashion tips and tricks for maximizing your sexy curves.

Well, pick-up-that-phone and call and RSVP or simply send an email,…I am getting slides ready and will talk OSCAR for you!

Always in Style.

OSCAR (as I said today on TV segment;  “I’m Golden”, talking about self-confidence!)

ABC 15 the OSCARS Re-cap
As a guest for ABC 15 about the OSCARS AWARDS and working on a promo for my Dr. Shapiro exclusive apperance, and our of my mouth with no hesitation “I’m Golden”…oh, lord!

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