Well, the story repeats itself, but this time I am not on my twenties,  and I am not modeling catalog or running left and right from audition to audition. I am now on my forties, more mature and genuine, and earlier this morning, I am attended a lifestyle, fashion modeling and talent agency to sign my talent contract,.. I have to admit with much anticipation.

Earlier today I visited FORD/RBA to seat with my new talent agent to create strategies and business plan based on my current media exposure and brand.
Earlier today I visited FORD/RBA to seat with my new talent agent to create strategies and business plan based on my current media exposure and brand.

This time my new agent Sheree Heartwell and her team at FORD/RBA received me with open arms and made me feel part of the family just as I walked in. They ware expecting me for few months, and finally my scheduled cleared and the moment arrived.

Their goal is to engage their professional resources, contacts and upcoming projects into creating and directing my public image.

We will be working together into streamline and launch far into the stars a media career that landed on my lap few years back. I have to admit that is been on a very, very  fast track and lots of exposure (in many levels), with tremendous positive feedback – one that I am very thankful for -. This new chapter opens with a foundation many are looking for,  a successful agent by my side, with an excellent record, incredible ability to work on professional image and create opportunities, this is all together, a tremendous light to any professional commencing a new phase.

Due to a precipitated first TV appearance, and  a quick decision to place me as a talent host project under the FORD/RBA few days back (already full filled, great reviews), we had to use an image produced by photographer Michael Franco a year or so ago, (one where I am wearing Mr. Turk collection from head to toe! That classic B&W geometric and patter on pattern on pattern mix that I love so much), new professional images are on the works and new editorials will be produced to continue producing the persona that I am.


So, stay tuned for new editorials with my new image, and a recount of experiences, a visual display of what I am able to deliver as a “luxury spokeperson”, “brand model” or “brand ambassador”, including my already list of professional style consulting and review (written, on screen, on air, and on site) on TV, Radio and/or my “Stage Persona”, as a host, emcee, or anchor.

I am able to effortlessly bring to your event, business or brand to that luxury level you want.

The new video brand will be available soon, but in the meantime, we will be using the first one produced about a year or so ago; What Would Oscar Do – Reel 2014. As I said once, my idea as a communicator is to identify, explain and deliver visually and verbally that sense of style where luxury lives and is attainable as you create your own style.

This blog will be still my way to open a window to the world, and  through my social media you will be able to get a recount (sometimes serious, sometimes funny, and other irreverent) of my day to day, you can find all this under the hashtag #whatwouldoscardo on any social media platform.

Thank you in advance for all your emails, private correspondence and well wishes for a bright new chapter, once this image was publicized by whois now my agency, the positive feedback came fast to brighten my day, and is giving me impulse to conquer. Gracias!

Always in Style,


DISCLAIMER:  All ideas, photography, styling and media on this blog photography, written or video  are exclusive for the use of  Oscar De las salas under blog. Any use, copy, crop/paste action, or any similarity of this material is strictly prohibited unless authorized by or by Author. All Copyrights laws for internet or media use are applicable. If you want, need or require any of this material for any reason please contact my agent – Always in style – Oscar.)

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    1. My dear Christine, it is a pleasure to see you as well.
      New winds are coming my way and I need all the wind and positive energy of those around me – a very humble request,- wherever I go, I will have mine with me.
      Thank you for your words!
      Always in style.

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