So this upcoming Saturday May 7, 2016 the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) will be celebrating it’s annual fundraiser gala.

I am pleased to be part of the Advisory Board of the museum at large, an in this opportunity the Creative Co-chair of the grand event, which have created a great excitement within my team…the selected professional teams we have selected to work with, and the museum staff at large, including the Scottsdale Cultural Council team.

This year the theme is fashion, and the best of contemporary fashion?

Avant-Garde Fashion!
SMoCA Mix: Fashionably Avant-Garde is here!

SMoCA MiX: Fashionably Avant-Garde (Video)

And, we are all fashionably excited!

Now, my phone is been ringing of the hook, and tweeting chirping away all day with messages and text messages, and IM’s and FB messengers, and more tweets, and Instagram messages….with one common question:

“Oscar, What do I wear for an Avant-Garde fundraiser gala? The invitation had initially “black-tie”, then they changed it for Cocktail Avant-Garde attire, so I am lost!”

Well, the event invitation talks about a gala, and several fashion shows, yes?

Better yet? It notes our looooooong red carpet.

But best of all?  It is a museum. So, it is your time to let your artistic side emerge!

As we go on though, the questions get more and more specific:


*  Is it a black tie?
*  Can I wear my little black dress ?
*  Should I wear a cocktail attire?
*  Should I go a la Lady Gaga?
*  Should I wear pants?
* My date…should he wear a tux?

My answer:
– When will there be another time that you will be in front of 30 photographers and 200 feet of red carpet on a museum setting? There will be person after person, couple after couple stopping for their moment at what they call the ‘Step and Repeat’ – the photo wall on the red carpet.

These pictures of a gala at a museum will be promoted and published – and the fashion images will be out there forever. This fantastic party is not one that is likely to be repeated, at least in Arizona. (Now, while this is not the Met in NYC, did you SEE all the photos of the fashion this past week from their gala?)  So, I would avoid the standard Arcadia uniform of;  yoga pants, pony tail, tennis shoes and ripped denim jeans…(Kanye who?)

Avant-garde fashion is the theme, so I recommend that you make it yours, interpret your own look and your vision for avant-garde. That could be anything from a beautiful black gown with a bunch of tulle, to a simplistic wrap with an accent color, or ruffles, or texture.

Here are some examples of you want to wear trousers and be comfy:

If you are a true fashionista, here are some others, with a bit more flair:


You can also find inspiration on these designers:

Iris Van Herpen

Jean Paul Gaultier

John Galliano

Alexander McQueen

Viktor Rolf

And if you have time to read –  and you are on a roll, here is a very good article in which you can study the avant-garde fashion movement:

10 of Fashion’s Most Avant-Garde Designers

There is a ton of inspiration everywhere: when you open a magazine, Avant-Garde is the favorite subject for cologne advertisement (don’t ask me why):

Think about how the details of a fabric and the tri-dimensional ability that a fabric has can change the way you see it at a distance, or how you can alter the silhouette:

Include your hair-do, your make-up and add interesting accessories with texture and volume:

Or opt for minimal and fun:

I have to wrap-up and head back to the museum, but I hope this post will give you some insights and inspiration.Log into your social media and explore the entire event by simply searching for #smoca #smocamix #avantgarde.

I gotta go, I promise to give all links and credits soon, but they are waiting for me at the museum, and I am jazzed we are bringing this to the city.

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!  See you on the red carpet this Saturday.

Always in style,



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