This early morning I opened my laptop and on my inbox, I found a note from a very creative actress,  performer, writer and photographer Mrs. Ashley Yazzie, to notify me that the recent interview I gave the the company she is currently working with is up online.


My reaction?, I know it seems cliche to say, but as I read the introduction, I have to admit that I felt humbled and honored to be included within  Southwest stars like Angela Johnson from Label Horde and the head of a great initiative for the Arizona Fashion Factory, whom I interviewed recently for my social media channels.

My mission? It seems to be not yet found, but perhaps presented itself to me, is to highlight the incredible source of talent within the world of design we have in Arizona, and create several projects with them where we showcase that we indeed, despite the thoughts of some, have design and style. From interior design, to architecture, to performances, to art to fashion and music, including all the humanities to create a life full of beauty is my passion.


Hope you read it and enjoy a little window into my world and my thoughts.

Thank you Sillin Inc. for such a great honor.

Always in style,


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