Who knew!

Out little adopted pug by the name of Hugo, is just a lover of his bowties.  I started the tradition days after we rescue him, by knotting one of the many bowties I have for myself around his neck, to take a candid picture of our new puppy. Mind me, Pugs have almost no neck, and the task was quite challenging with the stain alike material the bowtie was made of.

That bowtie went to the trash, after he played with it and pulled in many directions, to the point to leave the bowtie looking like just a rag. Thankfully, it was one of my old ones and a self-tied bowtie I wore only once.

He was a puppy when I found him, and not very disciplined. So, slowly I started to knot bowties over his collar to go on car rides and the park. (hey!, I have that tradition, remember? the bowtie to go to the doctor back on my story , here on my blog about my bowtie tradition?, the story by the name of TAKE A BOW?

Then, he learned! – When a bowtie was put on, that means we at “out-for-a-ride”, you have got to see his “pug-tilt” head when he hears just those 4 words one after the next. Oh!, his tail wags, his ears go side by side, he starts doing circles around the room , little growls and barks, as a way to let the emotions run wild.

So, we decided to find bowties for dogs for our wedding day, and luckly, we found a brand that not only made incredibly well manufactured bowties, they also have the matching collar and leash. “Perfection!”, we both said.  Silly Buddy is a brand that we need!

The staff on our weddimgmda

Since he goes with me everywhere, everyone knows the little guy, and now is a special guests in many events;

He has been with me on TV, AZ Miday with Hugo on set

and even gets photographed alone in red carpets and such!,…Radio, magazine interviews, even attending non-profit events as special guest.

Hugo on red carpet

He has his favorites, and don’t know why, but the orange and blue striped one is the one to go to all the time.Hugo's bday

This is our last article on a Latin based magazine about our life with our little rescue pug, Hugo.


Contacto Total double page

So, care for your pet as you best friend, at the end they become part of your family, and give you company and love for so little.

Always in Syle,

Oscar ~

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