LOVEPUP – Family Fest


If I tell you that this experience has been one of my faaaaavorites lately.

My friend and very well known Dj, JohnJay Van Es from JohnJay and Rich show on KISS FM, have this wonderful initiative that became a non-profit called #LOVEUP, to help in adoption of kids in need, that have created an space for adoption in many ways.

Well, the adoption process did not stop only in kids, it extended to pets, and more so, dogs! – #LOVEPUP

A runway show with potential dog for adoption, and a costume match set was set-up and produced by the always fabulous Shannon Campbell, who is one of the most savvy fashionistas I know in town, and of course, we answered the call to be present with no hestiation.

With Shannon on stageFinale photo with Shannon, it was just so fun!

Here is the fabulous flyer Shannon put together for this event at Vertuccio Farms in Mesa, AZ.,  they expected about 800 people to answer the call for a doggie adoption. Well, surprise!, as more than 10,000 people answered the call for a one night adoption extravaganza.,..all for the love of dogs!

LOVEPUP - FAmilyu FEst 2017

As you well know, our little Hugo is a rescue dog, and being part of a family that values and loves the sartorial art for male wear, makes him to have it’s own fan club, yup! – he does! – and on that note, I’ve been asked several times to open him an INSTAGRAM account for only him. Now, that will be another task to fulfill, and one to which I basically have limited time.

He is a brand ambassador for Sillybuddyand you should see what little Hugo has aligned for this fall, in terms of fashion, fabulous, woof!

We were invited to be the closing guests of the runway, and with little Hugo’s arthritis and all, the little guy made it work!, and he strutted the runway like a pro! – I decided to use a crown I found backstage for the finale, as he is THE king in our home…


It was too fun and so much fun!



Here is a little video with Shannon as our hostess and emecee.

So, always think that your pet complements you, and if you are willing to adopt, rather than buy a pet, well, those are added blessings in pet years to you and your family.

picture by Manish Sharma

Always in style ,

Oscar~ *(and Hugo, this time)

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