Well, then I had to get new images as they were requested for a fantastic STYLE project coming up. Actually this Tuesday, September 17th this year one of the two projects will be launching and I am all giddy!



I will be one of four local gents who will be ambassador for one of the top luxury brands, that bring luxury products and lifestyle to the state, the region and the country. If you ask me, I am jazzed, as for years I have used this portal of that!


Had to take a turn and re-organized ideas here and now is specifically a recount of my personal stories within the world of luxury and style, so it is all about me, baby (chuckles), but in all seriousness is how I see the world when it comes to my love to the world of STYLE that comprises; art ,architecture, and fashion. All mixed and matched with some solutions and wha-to and what-no-to do.

Some incredible imaging will make part of this new and fabulous project, but in the meantime my friend photographer to the stars Hassan Rosul at this BLOK Studio located within the historic Garfield District in Phoenix, and I worked with me on these fresh images to announce what is to come.

IMG_3931So, I will be announcing more here, so stay tuned.

Always in style!

~ Oscar

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