Very excited to announce that MensBook.com is live! For updates, be sure to follow @themensbook now. 

 I am  honored to be one The Men’s Book Committee, one that is full of hunks (them, not me), and guys with much pizzaz!

MensBook.com, the newest property in the Modern Luxury Media portfolio, is a national digital destination and events platform. It is the HQ for luxury and discovery for men, providing a highly curated content and storytelling platform.

With authentic expertise from MensBook editors and contributors, the site is the luxury resource for men resonating with audiences nationally and on a local level. MensBook.com is also home to The Committee, a hand selected board of elite ambassadors who curate special content and offer personalized insights into the communities they help shape.


MENSBOOK it is the go-to for the finest products and insights the luxury market has to offer and will feature the latest in fashion and grooming, travel and culture, food and drink, watches, auto, interior design, and more from around the world.

The committee selected is made up of a diverse group of 94 influential men across the 18 cities and includes NBA star Kemba Walker (Boston), publisher Alex Assouline (New York), photographer Gray Malin (Los Angeles), entrepreneur Manny Koshbin (Orange County) and news anchor Luis Aguirre (Miami), just to name a few.

Men's Book Committee
Reaching an audience of more than 16 million, Modern Luxury Media is the nation’s largest luxury media company offering leading brands access to the most affluent audiences in the most prominent cities across the U.S.
Through the power of the Modern Luxury platform that includes 85+ brands across 22 markets, MLM delivers powerful marketing solutions allowing luxury brands to connect with their audiences in the places and ways that matter most.
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The interview for the MENSBOOK one of those we all dream when we hit 20’something,…with all the good of life and the dreams of any man who wants to be part of the group of cool dudes.

Well, I am very honored (true, true, true, and not a filler here) to be part of a group of local dudes who raise the bar when it comes to be a man of style.

STYLE when it comes to men, is a word that cover more than the looks, it covers work ethic, covers social graces, inclussives in their community, aspirations of making this place better, and respect for everything that others own, or others are.


Mensbook page

And get to know the other members of the local Committee! – From Left to Right; Nick DiFerdinando, Michael Banovac, Wayne Rainey, Erik B Peterson, and myself Oscar De las salas.
Mensbook 2019.jpeg
Always in Style,
Oscar ~

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