I had to have a “special” of the podcast that I am hosting every Wednesday, because the audience needs to know about this very humble effort by a entire community to give help miles, and miles and miles away from where they live.

Of course, in honor of the Tropics and the Brazilian Amazons, I had to use my TROPICAL banana leave shirt for this occasion, and my friend Micheline was wearing the skirt with the same print. Check out the LIVE BROADCAST video of this special to see what happened! It was quite funny and unexpected!
With me during a Special of “OSCAR-TALKS-OSCAR-TALK” three of he Casa Brazil board members during a conversation to understand all the details of the upcoming VIRTUAL FEIJOADA – October 10th/2020

You can watch the special of OSCAR-TALKS-OSCAR-TALK here on this link on my YouTube channel.

FEIJOADA for Casa Brazil – NEXT OCTOBER 10th!!!

Well, the time of the year is here again, and this time due to the pandemic, the annual Casa Brasil (an Arizona based Non-Profit) “Feijoada” had to go virtual. The local organization has on this annual event their most profitable fundraiser of the year, as it marks the end of summer and brings together the entire family for an afternoon of fun, entertainment and classic Brazilian food.

All homemade by a local Brazilian caterer who donates all their proceeds.

A local 100% Volunteered based organization

Oh, I forgot to mention that this event and the entire Board of Directors associates and team here in the USA, and the team members in Brazil are all volunteered base? there is no need for the organization to pay staff, or any collateral expense, so, this is a true communal effort.

Now…Do you know what a FEIJOADA is?

Well, feijoada is a traditional dish that goes back centuries and now belongs to the Brazilian cuisine and folklore. You can basically eat feijoada, any time of the day, since is a very healthy and heartwarming stew. It it the national dish of Brazil.

The main ingredients are; Seasoned Black Beans, Chunk of Beef, Chunks of Pork, Sausage, Fresh Collard Greens, White Rice, Cassava (seasoned pulverized Yucca: Manioca), and a slice of fresh orange. It must be eaten either hot or warm, and it is simply delicious!

Traditional Feijoada Ingredients (missed the Cassava!)

Of course, there is the Vegetarian version!

So, the organization every year creates an afternoon event around the idea of enjoying this national dish. They create a show with dancers, have raffles and silent auctions, activities for kids and adults. For a moment you feel that you are in Brazil at a block party!

This year they had to go VIRTUAL, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic alarm that has the entire word in quarantine. So, they figured out to keep the event and the tradition by simply have it deliver it to you, and have it “Ready to Serve”!

Ready to Serve!

As mentioned, this is the biggest source of gathering funds of the year, and where funds are raised to continue their humanitarian mission. The local all volunteer organization help to feed more than 500 children daily! and provide daily groceries to families in need.

So, you can give a hand and order your feijoada. Plus each order comes with a Brazilian desert called Brigadeiro.

Now, do you know what a BRIGADEIRO is?

One of the most traditional deserts in Brazil. A compressed ball made of Condensed Milk, Cocoa Powder, Butter and Chocolate, and Chocolate Sprinkles. Trust me… They are delicious!

Brigadeiro: A choco-ball

So, this year the VIRTUAL Feijoada is October 10th/20 (with order to be placed by October 3rd)

A must to be part of the event is to order before or by October 3rd/20

As you place your order(s) you are helping to contribute to this organization to keep their efforts, and continue with their mission to provide food, cleaning supplies and many other needs to these families.

The order can be placed on line, (via PayPal) at or you can send a check to the P.O. Box 4053, Scottsdale, AZ 85261 payable to Casa Brazil, Inc.

Again, All orders must be ordered and payed before October 3rd/20.*

You can pay online or send a check!
Mark your calendar for the day yo will get your Feijoada order ready
  • A serving for 2 people is valued at $50 Dollars (includes Brigadeiros!).

In order to organize expenses. The VIRTUAL FEIJOADA 2020 will be ready October 10th/20 for Pick-up at a location in Mesa, Arizona or for $10 dollars more, it could be delivered to your door step!

The location will be given once you place your order(s)
$10 dollars, that’s it!!!

Now, because this is a celebration of life and a fundraiser, the board thought that will be great to provide the supporters that place orders, to give them the opportunity to create their own Cairpirinha cocktail! (No ingredients are included, it is just the cocktail recipe).

Now, do you know what a CAIPIRINHA is?

It is also the national alcohol drink based cocktail in Brazil: A mix of Cachaça (Sugar Cane Rum), Sugar and lots of fresh squeezed lime!

The days are harder for all the families who are in need and because of the current pandemic, Casa Brazil is providing assistance also providing sanitary supplies to families in need. All in poor areas of several cities in Brazil.

Your help to continue this labor of love is greatly appreciated and valued!

Their help reaches out to many places in Brazil and too many people, including the favelas (slums) where help is truly needed.

A local campaign to provide groceries sponsored by Casa Brazil
Image of Favelas in Rio de Janeiro where the help is needed
With all the precautions of the moment, the groceries are distributed.
Families come to this location to pick-up their groceries that last one week.

The entire committee that created this event and is responsible to deliver it to you and the community wants to say THANK YOU! for supporting them year after year, and this year more than ever.

As it is said in Portuguese, “O BRIGADO(Thank you!)

THANK YOU For your support!

More than ever, we need to stick together and give each other a hand, and I believe this is the perfect opportunity, so your help is truly appreciated.

Always in style,

Oscar ~

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