This interview had to happen at some point, and it was the many notes, messages and when in conversation with some people that I realized, I need it to do it fast!
What started as a LIVE BROADCAST to talk to the community every Wednesday, #OSCARTALKSOSCARTALK is now a more than one hour Talk Show, that has a very strict guests schedule. Now, even has pre-production, and post production meetings with my husband Gary (my Executive Director and Stage Right man) to organize schedule, information, nominees to be interviewed, and even SPECIALS that I am producing for the community.

Bobb Cooper, the Producing Artistic Director of the Valley Youth Theatre, had to be part of an “Entretien Individuel” (One on One Interview), not only because he produced the first virtual Telethon in the valley, the VYTal-Affair-Athon as the pandemic was part of what is now our day-to-day, but also because what became a 9 hour LIVE production, set the bar for what many other non-profits are doing when it comes to fundrasing!

During my Conversation with
Mr. Bobb Cooper, Producing Artistic Director at Valley Youth Theatre.

Myself and Gary were the recipient of the VYTality-Award in 2019, and of course, we had to be part of the committee.

Event program for the 2019 VYTal Affair 2019

Remember that I did a special of almost 3 hours with Risa Kostis as a preview to the event? we called OSCAR & RISA, and it was so much fun! So, if you have about 3 hours of any when you are bored, and want to giggle, I assure you, that his will solve all your problems (at least for the length of the show).

Our almost 3 hour PREVIEW with Risa Kostis had more than 2k views as we launched the broadcast!!!

The small, but mighty committee worked from the very begging of the year to put this event together, that at the very begginign supposed to be in person, but had to be adapted to be a LIVE BROADCAST and a VIRTUAL event. Local Publisher of FRONTDOORS Magazine, Andrea Evans was leading as a chairwoman and Gary and myself made time and space to be part of it and give our contribution, and as much as we were able.

Andrea Evans, FRONTDOORS magazine, Publisher on screen during the LIVE BROADCAST

We even had the opportunity to listen to my #BFF Ms. Ellie Evans during her solo!, and the tears both side of the screen had to be counted for. So emotional!

The interview had so many fantastic moment, that are difficult to simply screen shot the best ones.

We even had Mrs. Hope Ozer, who was the founder of Valley Youth Theatre, and she gave us a walk through the story and history of this local institution.

Mrs. Hope Ozer, or Hope! as she wanted us to know her, during the interview !

Then, I had prepared, well, with my accomplice Tiffany Owen, General Manager of the theatre. We had a chance to hear and see some of the VYTeens, and many other people who wanted to say Hi, to Bobb.

A shout-out from Mark Feary, Resident Musical Supervisor at Valley Youth Theatre.

A we even had Karol Cooper, and Gidget (they little puppy were on screen!)

Bobb & Karol Cooper arrive to SMoCA Fashionably Avantgarde Gala, few years back!

If you want to see the entire broadcast that went for than One hour, please visit this link, and be part of what was a very heartfelt talk about the power of performing arts and what means to pull-together when it is needed.

Thank you again!

Always in style,

Oscar ~

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