THE WHISPERER!…A conversation with David Roche

Given that Phoenix (the City) is located in the Sonoran Desert and our Valley of the Sun was the land of the Hohokam, and since Arizonans are now inhabiting in these lands were a number of Native American Tribes;

  • Animal O’odham, Apache, Cocopah, Halchidhoma, Havasupai, Hualapai, Hopi, Jocome and Jano, Maricopa, Mohave, Navajo, Souther Paite, Tohono O’odham (Papago), Yuma and Zuni.

I hope I have mentioned them all! My apologies in advance, if I am not historically and/or historically correct (please write in comments and I will do proper corrections)

And our history had also the inclusion of the Mexican/Americans, I had to make sure to have a conversation with the director of a Museum that collects, preserve and educates us around our history, based in our past and projecting us into the future.

The Heard Musuem located in downtown Phoenix.

Entrance Courtyard at the HEARD MUSEUM

But, as you know, I always have a Monologue!

When I started to create the “Run of Show” I decided to give some air at the opening and give myself 10min. to 15 min. to update the audience and subscribers about what is going on in the city, make announcements, remind the audience about event, answer questions and so on.

By the way, I broadcast from home and this is how it looks like!

So, this time, I had to make an announcement of a very particular fundraiser that will raise funds to support the mission of Casa Brazil. Yes! The local non-profit that helps and support families in need all the way in Brazil, created by the local Arizonan Brazilian community.

The fundraiser is a very particular one. You get to purchase toothpaste that will get your teeth clean, and the company will donate the proceeds to the Casa Brazil.

I would say, this is Brilliant!

Fundraiser for Casa Brazil
Lynda Samuels presented the Fundraiser opportunity to the audience

So, the fundraiser will run until this Sunday, November 1st until 9:00pm EPT (Pacific Time).

This is how the posts you will find on FACEBOOK will read;

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The Bulk Order going in for us ends this Sunday, November 1st at 9 PM Pacific time! You can send email to place your order to; or she will contact you directly!

The Heard Museum

Then I welcomed out guest of the day.

CEO & Museum Director, Mr. David Roche!

Heard Museum CEO & Director, Mr. David Roche

We had to talk at the very beginning of the show about his early days in Chicago, where he is from. Plus, his incredible love to the world of performance. Here he is, as Oliver! during a school production.

This was a fantastic way to open a conversation that was all about the world of arts and about someone who loves the arts.

As it is a tradition when I talk to a museum director, I had to ask David about his favorite piece of art in the museum. He sent me the complete information about this particular piece, and even told me of how came to the museum, the community value behind it and the way display of the piece. I found out that was inspired on a dinner he attended hosted by Fashion Designer and Designer all over Mr. Tom Ford.

Danae Receiving the Golden Rain, 2015
Danae Receiving the Golden Rain, 2015
Danae Receiving the Golden Rain, 2015

I would say, it is exquisite, and I yet have to see it!

This was a true surprise for me. I was aware of the Native American Art, but never thought that artists have developed contemporary versions of it or have developed expressions that belong to the contemporary era, based on their traditions.

An incredible arrangements of Traditional Domestic artifacts transformed into valuable pieces of art. Look at the details!

We also talked about their annual gala “Moondance” …

From the social pages archive – TRENDS MAGAZINE coverage of MOONDANCE

That due to the current circumstances will pivot into a campaign they call ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, plus any other upcoming events.

Web page for “Once in a Blue Moon” Campaign

The conversation even included the Shout-Out appearance by Board Member and Trustee Christy Vezolles. She was able to tell us all about her initiative to help the Navajo Nation and other reservations in Northern Arizona. The pandemic has affected complete families with limited resources and limited access to PPE and basic sanitation, including PPE for Navajo First Responders action fund and fundraiser and the Quilts 2 Heal Project.

It was great to hear of how in times like this, we all gather to help others and this was no exception. A big THANK YOU! to Christy and her group of volunteers. Unfortunately, we were not able to have Erika and Russ Dickey with us, they are also part of this humanitarian effort, so kudos to them as well!

When our own need help. We should always be there, and this group is making an incredible difference!

Board Trustee Mrs. Chisty Vezolles talked to us about David and her
The Heard Musuem is OPEN (with all the CDC Guidelines in place)

You ought to listen the conversation and like me, learn more about the beauty of our Native American Art.

When we open our eyes and our ears to learn, the world expands!

Here is the link to the show;

Enjoy this very animated and informative conversation.

Always in Style,

Oscar ~

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