BEAR-A-PALOOZA is coming!

And yes! like on Bear not Beer! (apologies for my accent) – A VIRTUAL EVENT from March 8-12 that will help to celebrate Phoenix College 100th anniversary, and I will be your host!

– BearAPalooza 100th Anniversary Promo Celebration –

After all, when you celebrate 100th in the middle of a pandemic, you ought to celebrate!, and if you are a Spanish speaker

When I told you that I am a Bear, I mean that I attended Phoenix College years back. So, I am part of the Phoenix College Alumni Association and am a proud Bear!

See you then! …Virtually, of course!

Please visit www.phoenixcollege/100 to find more details and more information about this grand celebration.

– BearAPalooza 100th Anniversary Promo –

If you are a Spanish speaker, this video will give you an idea of the History of Phoenix College (click here)

Here are some images from a two day shoot around the college, and of course, there whole shoot was done with the outmost care, and following all the CDC guidelines.

Please, be our guest and get to now a fantastic institution that serves a metropolitan Phoenix and all its residents.


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