If you have attended a local non-profit brunch, dinner, gala or simply a meeting for an upcoming event, I am sure you have cross path with  Letitia Frye.

Letitia and myself during Celebrity Catwalk luncheon – she wears RALPH LAUREN

To many of her public appearances, I am the one that handles her styling. For this particular occasion (pictured below), the annual Child Help Gala; Drive the Dream A Journey to Oz in 2017 had a theme around “The Wizard of Oz”, and a palette that included green as the main color. We opted to have her on this couture gown;  A saturated forest green tone, with flute (trumpet) silhouette on the skirt constructed by placing inverted pleat. The only embellishment was present in the sweetheart shaped décolletage, full of green stone appliqués, freely placed on stone on stone adornment; let me tell you;

– “It was a hit!”

Letitia Frye and myself at Child Help Gala 2017.

Letitia wears Fouad Sarkis Couture 2017 by MNM Couture in Los Angeles.

Photography courtesy of Haute Photography & Video

Well, guess what?, she got a one-on-one pictures with Cee Lo Green and even with Mario Lopez  (One of the VIP guests and the host of the event) as always, she was dressed with much sophistication.

The perks of looking good on a gala, uh?

Letitia is one of the most successful auctioneers in our locale, and one of the greatest supporters of our entire community, with a key to success that has a strong based on giving back.

If you are a fan of this blog, you might have read few stories back her story. It was one of the first blog posts by the name of  Shoe Fever, and perhaps since, you have seen a series of changes through the years on her style. A fantastic creative process that myself and my team have been assigned to and produced. This is including, of course, her last portfolio production by the name of  Autumn Public Image Some of those images will be released on the upcoming book as well.

It is not easy to create an image to a public persona, I have to admit that.

It is an intricate exercise that include levels,  components and  professionals along the way, a series of steps that will help to find the best style to fit the persona. In this case, a chameleon as Letitia is, the exercise it is always fun. Her particular sense of style, can simply be described as ;

– “Elegant, yet sexy, with a spin of Rock-&- Roll”  a dose of Hollywood glam, and a table spoon of Park Avenue”.

The creation of a persona takes communication and exchange of information, I think we have covered that process in many of the posts on this blog, that intense exchange allows me to simply create a public image. A mix of variables that should have an answer, even before the first click of camera happens, we have a sense of the final product.

Why do I know that?, the elements of design and the elements of persona have been established, crossed and manufactured for years, this is just the result. I think we have conquered, over an over, and over again,  and it is a continuous success.

In that order of ideas and for the launching of this milestone in her life as an author, we took off to Hollywood  (garments, shoes, jewels, staff members and ideas) to get her a full blown, * star * feel needed this time, all by simple taking advantage of the Hollywood life, and The Roosevelt Hotel, …

Well, here is the result;

A candid paparazzo picture on Hollywood Boulevard.

When the night falls in the city of angels, the real glam has to be out and be part of the streets.This Vintage Gucci was the perfect accent to open the story, and start the glamourous part of the shoot.

This garment  was my first choice, out of some in the vault of Vintage by Misty.

I knew we were shooting in Hollywood and I wanted to go as old glamorous and shiny as I was able to. Well, this location  “The Hollywood Boulevard and Letitia styled elegantly on this garment to the time, simply, well, paid off!

A still shot during the night past midnight night right on The Hollywood Boulevard.
Quintessential Hollywood look an location.
The Roosevelt cafe had the perfect background to create a still shot to remember.

The premises of the hotel gave us plenty of vignettes and perspective to accent the glamorous style and metallic feel of this full beaded gown.

This was a lobby to access to their italian restaurant. Nothing better than a delightful red velvet brocade wall paper with a gold leaf curio and mirror to place this jeweled jewel fo woman in front.

Letitia at Roosevelt Hotel.jpg
Perhaps the most classical of all postures, very still.

So, do you want to know about Letitia? Well, this is how she is described by a prominent Rock-&-Roll star;


– “Having her at our fundraiser is like having another entertainer in our bill, she is an act worth seeing on to herself”.     – Alice Cooper

The following two images were used by Modern Luxury Scottsdale on an article about the release of the upcoming book. This pictured printed on the magazine look phenomenal!,

You should pick a magazine if you are able, as our my friend Riki Altman-Yee wrote a  phenomenal compressed dossier to our now book author Letitia.

At “The Library” bar at the Roosevelt Hotel.
A second take of the same pose and same location, the main bar called “The Library”.

A quick look into the contents page with a third take of this picture, an expression I love from her, mischievous, yet innocent.


Contents page for January/February Modern Luxury Scottsdale Magazine 2017.

The ceiling in the lobby of the hotel, was the perfect geometry for this very, very light black chiffon based skirt and gold sequins top and cuffs. A look with much inspiration of the 40’s or what is been called the Hollywood Golden years.

Inside the Hotel Roosevelt Lobby


Below, the quick review of the reason behind the book, and when it will be released, the most anticipated announcement in one of the most luxurious magazines in Arizona.

Letitia in Modern Luxury Scottsdale Jan-Feb. 2017.jpg
Article on Modern Luxury Scottsdale 2017


Now, take a look of this contrast and the work on lighting, and how the change of environments ,and backgrounds brings a new dimension to the visual production.

Inside the dark ebony walls of “The Library” bar at the Roosevelt Hotel.

The big white bold letters on the rooftop of the hotel were the perfect background for the next portion of the shoot. The book author posed with several of Shahida Parides resort wear 2017.

A first take to the ROOSEVELT HOTEL sign in background.
We waited for wind, and space and time and the result was this.
The always sunny California gave us this moment of shine.

To the steps of the hotel made of heavily decorated spanish tiles, where she makes a statement with the saturated print by Shaida Parides,  and those saturated neon pink stilettos, of course;

Color and print, the best way to showcase this caftan.

An her favorite color you might ask?

Well, I happen to find it at first glance, and when we met! – It is orange, but not any orange, it was to have an undertone saturation of yellow over red, and not the other way around. I know, not an easy formula to find, but I got it all figured out for her.

No need to explain, I just pick-up and go….I now know the exact tone.

To me, the intensity of this color fits and compliments perfectly her skin and her blondness!

Her favorite color with a soft combination of nude shoes.
A sense of wonder right on the bamboo forest.

To close this shoot, we headed to Glendale, Ca. to shoot at a very well known recording studio, one were The Doors themselves recorded!

The name of the place? The  Horse Latitudes Recording Studios, a place to never forget, and with so much history of the world of music, that just to remember it, makes these images come to life.

A Jump suit in B&W with a spin of the 70’s.
A simple jumpsuit by Ted Baker in black for this B&W portrait
This will be a surprise for you all.

Stay tuned, as much more is coming out of this editorial, in many, many outlets. This is just a preview!

A WALK IN HER SHOES is her new book, and it is one that soon will be released. here a Behind The Scenes of how all came to be;

These incredible editorial images were produced in Hollywood by myself and my “O Productions, LLC.” team, all with the purpose of launching this next chapter in the world of Letitia Frye.

We are all incredibly honored to be participant and to have made it all happen.

Mucha suerte Letitia! …..(lots of luck Letitia).

Perhaps my favorite headshot of the now book author Letitia Frye.

The “O Productions, LLC.” Team for this production ;

Always in style,


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