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“What Would Oscar Do”

Oscar De las salas (Producer, Creative Director, Fashion Stylist, Fashion & Design Critic)

Originally from Colombia, Oscar De las salas’es excitement in fashion, style and design has driven him to multiple continents and opportunities. Surrounded by a family encased in fashion and immersed in the colors of Carnival, he developed an eye for style which took him from the international ports of Barranquilla, Colombia to Salamanca, Spain, where he completed his masters in Architectural Interior Design, winning acclaim from his peers and professors.  

During the European tenure of his architectural internship, Oscar moonlighted with the Italian agency, where he started as a set designer, moving up to “Editorial Coordinator” and finishing as “Creative Director”. During that time Oscar worked with a staff of 30+ producing images for several fashion magazines, styling stars of all caliper, businessmen, personalities and socialites, before the “stylist” or “fashionista” name was part of the day-to-day lingo.  

Pursuing his goals to expand on modern architectural aesthetic brought Oscar to the U.S., where he landed in the desert of Arizona and the beauties of Taliesin and Frank Lloyd Wright.  Oscar’s architectural designs can be seen across Arizona, winning awards for design and functionality combined with modern sensibility. His passion for  Design, architecture, Fashion and his impressive creativity has expanded Oscar’s community and media involvement locally, as board member of SMOCA (Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art), and has made him a familiar face as a regular style contributor on local television, (English and Spanish) and created a large following on social media channels with a unique sense of delivery (sincere, thoughtful, somehow educating and teaching, rather than being a hard critic or a jester, but always with an elegant sense of humor).

Oscar’s involvement in the arts has also driven him to create and coordinate multiple ground-breaking charitable events for organizations like Point Foundation (a LGBT scholarship foundation), Reyes Foundation (a severe burn victims foundation), St. Jude’s Hospital (children with cancer or under cancer treatment foundation), VIFAC (a Mexican agency that provides help to single mothers in need & create adoption opportunities), American Cancer Society,   Severson Sisters Foundation (anti-bullying foundation), and the most recent one SMoCA Mix; Fashionably Avant Garde to take place May 7th/2016 which will raise funds for the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA)  – the leading contemporary Museum of the west, where he serves for the last four years as an advisory board member.  The successful turnout of these events and the multiple requests from many boards, and requests to fashion style and create new personal images, moved him to create “O Productions, LLC.” Oscar resides in Phoenix with his husband Gary and favorite pug, (who he considers his son) little “Hugo” – who has developed his own following on Facebook. Now Oscar opens the doors of his secrets to the public via www.whatwouldoscardo.wordpress.com  a series of answers to the world of style.

Oscar is a talent for the FORD/RBA Agency, and you can find Oscar in all social media channels under the hashtag #whatwouldoscardo, as well as his YOU TUBE & VIMEO channels.



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