My glasses are somehow my trademark.

At some point, to me, they became that “unwanted companion”, just ask anyone who has to use glasses permanently, they are not easy to carry, they get in the way, sometimes you want to throw them away, etc… but with the years and the many changes and transitions (including the increment of my prescription) they became part of my look and somehow a feature to how the world see me, so I made peace with them and we became friends.

At some point and just by accident while I was a student in Europe and more by what I call a “financial-accident” – (as I had student salary at the time), I found the signature pair and style that to today,  and  tend to look for every time I have to get new frames, for that specific style.

This time, “Izzy”, the editor of “Spexy and He Knows It” web blog, contacted me to know a little more about myself, my frames, my lifestyle and  of course, my glasses. This blog post will give you a little more the story behind my look and my frames;

Thank you so much Izzy and the rest of your team for this feature.

Always in Sytle!


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