Someone said the city where you live is where you are from, in my case is true.

Well, the story is very simple.

I landed here about 16 years ago directly from Madrid, after finishing my master’s classes in Interior architecture at the prestigious University of Salamanca. At that time, I have proposed to the Dean of my Faculty to write my theses project about American Modern Architecture, with a specific focus in one the greatest architect’s of that time, Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright, and all his incredible production and ideas.

There where three places to find this information, back then, when internet search was only for librarians. One, was his Taliesin School of Architecture in Spring Green, Wisconsin (located for what I learned later, the U.S. midwest), the other one, the Art Institute of Chicago and the last one Tailesin West in Arizona.

It seemed organic at that time that having a link here in Arizona ( My ex-boss from the company I used to work with, Dillingham Construction Intl. and one I worked with for four years while building the American Embassy in Bogota, Col.)  –  Answered the phone one night when I called to say hello, and said;

-“Son, no more hesitation, pick-up your stuff and head down here to Phoenix/Scottsdale area”.

With no doubt, I packed my three suitcases, my books, the latest garments I’ve purchased in Milan on my last trip with my intern salary, and took the long flight, a long two-day flight to the United States of America, to write about American Modernism, and with only few images in my mind of what the Sonoran desert looked like, ….I left.

All I had in my head was a postcard with giant Saguaro I received once from him, and some images of the Grand Canyon, some postcards of Sedona, images of Frank Lloyd Wright projects in Phoenix like the Biltmore Hotel, and other random images collected from photocopies of books I was reading.

Little I knew that this place at some point I had to call home.

Years later and many moons later, I get a call from a prominent magazine in the entire country with a leg here in Arizona called WHERE MAGAZINE. One you find on hotels and restaurants and places that frequented by  tourists, somehow the magazine is a welcome to the city or state you visit. As I spoke to the editor, she insisted that my visual of the city had a high part on architecture, design and of course, fashion (as you all know, and as I always say;  “Your first encounter with the world of design?, is what are you wearing).


So, I teamed up with one of my favorite photographers Mr. Chris Loomis from Chris Loomis Photography to develop an editorial where the background was our city, locations I think represent the best of the best in terms of architecture and where somehow colored matching fashion (at least my style) and elements were present and spoke of that modern Arizona. Who else knows my sense of style other than Mr. Jonathan Skow from Mr. Turk?, so I decided to pull the latest from the fall collection and showcase my personal “Oscar Style”.

Mind me, the issue scheduled to be released as the fall issue (still running and distributed, if you want to grab one or two or a whole bunch), but the fact of the matter here is that it was 115 degrees (Fahrenheit of course), about 46 degrees Celsius, the afternoon, evening we took these editorial pictures. (Oh, I have forgotten from my modeling years what is to change in your car when you are all sweat!, oh they joys of the desert).

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.55.19 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.59.45 PM

Md turk 2

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.51.58 PM

Not only I had to talk about my favorite places, you also have the chance to read a “day-with-me”, which is in reality my everyday and is an article called “My Perfect Day”

OScar's perfect day WHERE Magazine August 2015WHERE Magazine - August 2015 -1

Thank you WHERE MAGAZINE for the opportunity and if you are in Arizona (the sunshine state), and if you come to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona, Tucson, Globe, Tempe, Mesa, Ahwahtukee, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff area, make sure to drop me a note!,….. indeed in our beloved west cowboys are present, but we also have one of the richest collections of American Modernism and modern style. That I, myself, personally can show you!

WHERE MAGAZINE - August 2015


What a joy was to seat to have lunch with some of your best friends and find that they have read the magazine and article all morning and they were out to try all my suggestions, ha!



EDITORIALAlways in style!


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