A woman who I think is made of steel (at least I think her soul is), is my dear friend Letitia Frye.

This hard work, incredibly talented, and extremely community driven mother of two wonderful kids, had to endure very difficult times lately, and I wanted to make sure with this production that her inner person was able to breathe, and for few hours forget about all the hardships and be that woman we all know.

We have produced previously her image to public (last summer) for a blog post called “Shoe Fever” where we explored her love to shoes as her trade mark during  her live auctions, giving her a playful image and a visit to color and fun. This time, the idea was to present her as she is with the most sophistication and elegance.

Knowing her love to minimal, sophisticated lines when it comes to design and fashion, I had to search on the poll of my fashion designers, the ones I am familiar, have worked, or currently work with. The result?, well, I had my dear Michalis Sykianakis on the forefront, and have to admit, a designer that I am a huge fan of.

So, we both had to pay a visit and to select the garments, …subito!

I selected only two colors to work with to keep the image concentrated on the subject, and i picked several soft sexy silhouettes to enhance her femininity, all  and all, always with the same idea, to the rescue that feminine singular aesthetic where the draping of the material, and the qualities of the fabric translate into a ethereal, ephemeral, and elegant vision.

The production had to have the eye and the lighting where all dramatic elements portray this incredible woman. Who else would I list other than Mr. Michael Luna from Michael Luna Photography and to complete the team on hair an incredible  make-up artist and hair stylist by the name of Michele lee, that is also a photographer and and an incredible film director who produces under the brand Presley + Jude, a great addition to the entire team.

Here is the result of this production, ….

One that I am very proud of.




A  new vision of a woman looking to conquer and one that is true to herself.

Stay tuned here on my blog and to media in general for what is about to come, she is moving strong and keeping always her community with her and by her.

Always in Style,


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