Last week, I had the honor to attend via Phoenix Fashion Week, their annual highest production.

This time, I decided to bring local socialites and guests to the grand occasion and show them that locally we have what it takes to produce a show and a Fashion Week (one is been produced for a decade, by the way) to the height of the ones they are use to attend around the country and even the world.

I proved my point.

Evening One – I invited fashionista at heart and the owner of the most urban and incredibly cosmopolitan and modern multi-use event space The Croft and  her sophitsticated event and wedding firm Angelic Grove   – Mrs. Angela Karp – (who recently attended Paris Fashion week), to come with me and enjoy what we are able to produce locally, and to enjoy what local designers are able to showcase via PHXFW.

Angela Karp and Myself on Phoenix Fashion Week Red Carpet
Angela Karp and Myself on Phoenix Fashion Week Red Carpet

Evening Two – A friend with whom I had the pleasure to share camera time, stage time, and even radio time during many event shows, TV shows, and radio talk shows and a true fashionista and one who keeps herself up-to-date with the world of fashion my dear friend Mrs. Irma Deihl, who also has a fashion story here on my blog by the name “If I wear You“.

Mrs. Irma Deihl and myself on the Phoenix Fashion Week 2015 Red Carpet.
Mrs. Irma Deihl and myself on the Phoenix Fashion Week 2015 Red Carpet.

Evening Three –  For the closing evening of Phoenix Fashion Week, I invited a couple of incredible art and design supporters in town, avid supporters of the Scottsdale Cultural Council and other local art and design oriented local enterprises, my dear friends Mr. Erik Peterson and his lovely wife Mrs. Kimberly Peterson. He is the managing partner of PHX Architecture, a local architectural firm that I list like one in the forefront of the world of design.

Erik & Kimberly Peterson with myself at Phoenix Fashion Week 2015
Erik & Kimberly Peterson with myself at Phoenix Fashion Week 2015

I have to admit that all my guests of the three day fashion extravaganza were quite impress with the level of professionalism and international appeal of the event. Yes, they pointed out some of the elements of which the vent could take a higher level (I am aware of them as well) but all and all, and overall, their review was more than excellent. Some of them purchased garments, items or styles from the local designers, and some took the number of the designer and I know conversations are in progress.

This is a reassurance that we have design locally and can be produced to the highest international levels, and Phoenix Fashion Week, proved it can be done.

This time my recap from intense three days of fashion locally comes from the “Couture in the Suburbs” blog portal, perhaps one of the most insightful and popular blog portals in town. Here is my review;

So, until next year for the three intense fashion evenings in town, but, keep an eye on Phoenix Fashion Week produces several collateral events and they are participant of other events as part of the team, as the upcoming Polo Championships Horses & Horsepower next October 24th/15 – so, if you like fashion, horses, sophisticated cars and a great event. Don’t miss it, I will be there, trust me!

Meanwhile, I will be in Tucson this upcoming October 17th/2015 as a host of one of the three evenings of Tucson Fashion Week, who said we don’t have quality fashion events around here?

Always in style,


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