A web editorial on AZFoothills magazine as a “Trendsetter”.

Oh, my gosh!

Yes, I am featured on AZFoothills web portal today as a “trendsetter“.


TRENDSETTERS from AZFOOTHILLS magazine Photography by; Location; Jacket; Sweater; Eyewear;

It is simply a great responsibility and of course an honor to be featured by a publication that highlights the best of Arizona, in many levels and in many fields.


TRENDSETTERS from AZFOOTHILLS magazine Photography by; Location; Jacket; Sweater; Eyewear;

When Ms. Kara Van Kammen, one of the content editors, contacted me via phone about the feature, a follow up conversation with the publisher of the magazine, and during the first minute or so, I was please to hear her saying; “this is not a complicated interview, you just have to be you, it is not a very complicated interview, and that is what we want, we want you”.

Well, who would of thought that “being me” meant a series of to-the-point, heartfelt questions, that required visit who I am, and that let me thinking about my life in Arizona and what I’ve been able to acquire and conquer locally. Plus, how can I forget the many blessings that have come my way by simple “being who I am” and for simply live in Arizona.

That authenticity is what my father (may he rest in peace) insisted for me to show, for me to keep, and for me to cultivate, so thank you Arizona for receiving me for who I am.

So, thank you AZFothills, Mr. Brad Reed Photography for capturing and directing a photoshoot where the other very casual and elegant me is portrayed, and for literally laughing out loud every time the “catalog model” I was came to play,…you captured the essence, so, thank you!.

These are part of my new professional for folio and you can see the ones that did not make the publication here;

Thank you to  my new family at FORD/RBA Miss Sheena Adams ( I love her, …my diva), and specially my agent, the talented and so proffessional Mrs. Sheree Heartwell, (whom I am fortunate to call my friend as well), and the team of professionals at FORD/RBA for receiving me with open arms into my new home.

And, proudly, this is my link;

Always in Style,



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