2015’s BEST! Mr. TURK (The Interview)

Yup!, and, that was a fantastic show!

As I walked with Jonathan to the end of the catwalk once the show was over, in my head started spinning little by little. All the details that needed to be organized and coordinated prior this fantastic moment; seeing his line as the closing designer for night 2 of the growing Tucson Fashion Week.

I just remembered of how, and with no hesitation, I picked up the phone, while I was having lunch with Paula Taylor (Paula Taylor Productions) at the Phoenician Resort, and asked Jonathan Skow (Head designer) of Mr. Turk, if he was able to showcase his fantastic line during  – Night Two – (The evening I was hosting the fashion show) at the Scottish Rite Cathedral within the celebrations and events around Tucson Fashion Week

He said: “Yes! Of course, Oscar!”


What I did not know, it was the incredible explosion (in terms of presence around the country) the brand was able to experience within the upcoming moths and the many plans he had to expand the Mr. Turk brand.

Here is my interview with “mi amigo” Jonathan:


The collection he brought for the holidays and winter was not to disappoint, plus the inclusion of the ver y famous social media swimsuit line, was part of the showcase.


One of the great moments of 2015 indeed, and please stay tuned as more great moments not yet seen will be here on my blog in the upcoming days.

Always in Style!


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