After I published Brave Wings Fashion Show’16 blog post, I received many emails asking where the garments from My Style Mode  boutique could be purchased. Well, well, well, I have the answer to all your emails.

“Dear Oscar, I would like more information of that cute jumpsuit from My Style Mode, the one with the stripes on the side, where can I get it?


Fashion Lover”

My Style Mode 1.jpg

jump suit.jpg


I have a code you can use when you place an order and you will get my stylist 15% off discount. So, make sure you use the code OSCAR when you checkout at My Style Mode.

My Style Mode


My style Mode - Kardashian  - Original.jpg

The many looks have been used lately by the big stars in Hollywood.

KK.jpgThe materials and the extreme fit of the garments make them so easy to wear and so comfortable, that I am sure will be ordered by the dozens by all of you my fashionable friends.

My favorite? The olive color double lined front and back-T-neck mini- dress wore weeks back by one of the Kardashians.

KardaKardashianSo happy shopping!

Visit My Style Mode and remember to use my code OSCAR for a 15% discount.

Always in Style,


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