While summer is full swing,  and the monsoon seems to be piling up dust in every corner, the humidity level is literally eating us up everyday, to “dress-up” is already a sweat proof challenge.

These two fashion designers and entrepreneurs  Genesis Laforcade  from Woman’s Touch Apparel, and Mabel Cortes from Mabella Chic decided, that even if it is 110 degrees out, there is not excuse to come together and help our own community with what they know best; via, fashion!

What is already a date to many Phoenicians in the middle of the summer, this fashion show (along with its shopping villa),  is a window to the local market of fashion, a platform to many new designers, a showcase to  new and upcoming designers that survive with passion in a local industry that works at a slow pace when summer is here.

Most of all, it is fashion with a purpose!

Fashion Wings has a mission to help local organizations, by donating the funds raised the evening of the show, via tickets sales, silent action items and other donations from guests. This year, the recipient was Arizona Burn Foundation.

This show is a very laudable enterprise, ever since the entire event is organized and produced by volunteers.


In its fourth edition, BRAVE WINGS FASHION SHOW was once again a full success, full of surprises and new designers.

Like any LIVE show, and any LIVE production, an event like this (which I had the honor to host in the past) lives up to great expectation, and the inclusion of new ideas, always makes it fresh, with ideas like a “U Shaped” runway, with two island rows in the middle, within a modern industrial warehouse setting at  THE VINTAGE 45, in the heart of the warehouse district in town.

This was an installation seen in fashion shows in around the world.


Here are some of my  some of my takes from the designers that showcased:


I have followed the development of this line and have seen this brand move up and move strong within the world of local fashion.

We hear from politicians and other politicos, the phrase “this is a movement” when talking about their platforms, their ability to connect with the public, the perspective and identification with the needs, of their followers and passionate fans. Well, W.T.A. (Woman’s Touch Apparel) it is such a movement, and it is reserved for the woman of today. That strong, confident  urban woman who can give anything to be herself, forceful and present, strong and unapologetic, fierce and battled, and whose “womaness” can be measured at any level.

Showcased with a vigorous walk, but opened softly by two model/dancers wearing leotards with strong messages printed on them, the softness mixed with the power, a typical of this brand, started the evening.20160716-IMG_4607-2.JPGThe head pieces made of netting with only the eyes showcasing, gave the entire runway show a twist, and created a distance from model to garments, to public making the looks much more strong, much more statement based.

20160716-IMG_119020160716-IMG_1200.JPG20160716-IMG_1228.JPG20160716-IMG_1219The appearance of on white skirt with much play and volume made me miss them.Last I saw the brand, there were more of these, and it was a very positive, feminine, glamorous and sexy addition. The seduction of the non-literal.

Gold and black dominated  (white or black letters, playing backgrounds to contrast of course) the scene in terms of color scheme with a slash of red, cobalt blue here and there, in some sort of netting with some metallic threads within it this time instead of simple cotton, the garments rescued some glamour.20160716-IMG_4612.JPG20160716-IMG_4620-220160716-IMG_4615 (1)20160716-IMG_4624-220160716-IMG_1238.JPG

20160716-IMG_4613.JPG20160716-IMG_1208.JPG20160716-IMG_1177.JPG20160716-IMG_1172.JPG20160716-IMG_1167.JPGA cobalt blue  blouse with some pink colored material that had fringe lines was perhaps my favorite. A little Brooklyn feel (on the top) of a girl walking the streets of the upper east side (on bottom), I would say for referencing a place and a time in this country.20160716-IMG_1184.JPG20160716-IMG_1178.JPGA high-waisted black pencil skirt with a white crop-top, finished with a fringed trim made an appearance and it was as sexy as the other garments. I would have considered a high heel sandal for the ensemble to increase the sexy factor, but the crop ankle boots gave the strong urban taste this brand is following. So, as I always say to designers, “be true to yourself”.20160716-IMG_1212Here are some of the looks (walked to the background music of “Man-eater”) with phrases printed on large-scale and contrasting tones in different strong fonts that made the intended statement, a movement (from my point of view):

  • Alpha Female
  • Woman Up
  • We Need More Women Helping Women
  • Leave No Girl Behind
  • Estrogen Made Me Do It
  • I Slay All Day Ok
  • Polite as Phuck
  • Queen
  • Bad Ass Chick
  • Wife With A Life
  • These Boys Ain’t Loyal

20160716-IMG_1240.JPGA brand that moves strong and looks strong for the strong woman. A message given and received from the designer Jenesis Laforcade.20160716-IMG_1251.JPGI am sure the followers of this strong fashion designer, with strong message were not disappointed.


Graphic designs on T-Shirts, hoodies, T-shirt dresses, crop tops, joggers, etc…. A very urban look.This got my attention, a label in some of the garments that read: Born in the 90’s.20160716-IMG_4681-2.JPG20160716-IMG_4660.JPG20160716-IMG_466320160716-IMG_462920160716-IMG_4676-2.JPG20160716-IMG_4679-2.JPGAnd just that label made me feel old!, oh well!20160716-IMG_4690.JPGI am looking forward to see more designs from this label.


This boutique brought to the runway the highlight of the evening. Simply SEXY!20160716-IMG_4726-2.JPGWhen it comes to style, this is the look that I am familiar with, as well as the one requested by many of the people I am associated with, or the ladies  I have as clients in the styling portion of my career.The hues of nudes and dark monochrome are a plus when it comes to minimal and modern fashion.20160716-IMG_4770.JPGThe showcased line from this boutique on the runway rescues the feminine silhouette and body shape by simply using a combination of a matte and solid elastic material as bodice combined with a transparent material to create depth in some areas, or adding contrast over the solid one. Usually, the material extents itself to the body creating a sexy peek-a-book effect in shoulders, back, or legs (when the mini-skirt is present).

A body suit in black with side stripes in white was the hit among the girls, I do not know why? I guess comfort?.20160716-IMG_4783.JPGElegantly presented , the owners of My Style Mode left the line simple, so guests and potential clients could make their own conclusions/assumptions of how to dress-it-up, combine, complement or contrast the look. Creating a conversation of what to wear it, when to wear it, what colors to use, what layers to add. The line itself presented such a sophisticated, quiet, minimal and strong line elegance, that was a hit with two of my socialite friends we attended with.20160716-IMG_4703.JPG20160716-IMG_4716.JPG20160716-IMG_4730-2.JPG20160716-IMG_4736-2.JPG20160716-IMG_4749.JPG20160716-IMG_4762-2.JPG20160716-IMG_4758-2.JPG20160716-IMG_4776.JPGIn addition, the boutique owners I spoke with at the end of the show were simply a delight to speak with, open, sincere and with no hint of over achieving or entitlement.20160716-IMG_4799-2.JPG20160716-IMG_4791.JPGStay tuned for an upcoming review of this specific brand her on my blog, and a code, in case you want to purchase “a-la-oscar”.


With the arrival of a new baby Maya to mother and head designer Mabella Cortez, Mabella Chic is now presenting as opening, and in certain looks, the mother/daughter paired up garments, which are always a hit with the audience, and one many new modern moms aim for. The romanticism of the little girl look, but paired with mommy look, a modernized mom.20160716-IMG_4859-2.JPG


The first look brought that to the runway. A nude tone jersey jumpsuit with flared hem set the tone for the entire runway show and the new Mabella Chic line, and introduced the audience to Mabella Chic Kidsthe new sister line of the brand.

20160716-IMG_480420160716-IMG_4809-220160716-IMG_4815-2Regarding the styling of the brand that has experimented before with white wings and hats, this time the pony tail was the way to go. Some insertion of oversized jewelry was a doubt on my part, (not needed, to be honest), but I read it as a spin on the look, a strong message and an option for the more aggressive urban mom.20160716-IMG_4863.JPGThe bolero/cape, coat in Black lined with white and paired with fuchsia mini skirt with uneven cut front panel, is a great option for the working woman, as it has enough movement for comfort and enough silhouette that does not cross too much into the evening look.20160716-IMG_4832.JPGThe long sheer coats with various lengths to the ankle or the calf (half calf in some) with various prints at different scales and colors, became a must for the summer and spring time, when layers are needed, but the material has to be a friendly one, airy, gauzy, and fresh, that allows to be elegant, yet comfortable. This is a standard on this line, and it is always well received, so it should stay.20160716-IMG_4872-2.JPGA netting (lattice-like) material was presented within the collection. Last models, we saw lace on this brand, and it is continuous search for layering and depth, once again, well-played!20160716-IMG_4840-2.JPG20160716-IMG_4849-2.JPGA strapless white blouse with long length to ankle and slits on the side, affirms the savvy take on silhouettes and how to play. I must say this is a great look for the coast or the tropics by Mabel Cortez.20160716-IMG_4889-2.JPGThe closing jacket in black was followed by the eyes of many. (the only look on a bikini).20160716-IMG_4903-2.JPGWhile the line went on a monochrome look, I miss the colorful Mabella Chic, that has that perfect pattern combination, tremendous visceral knowledge on theory of color keeping the already established silhouettes. Let’s say an alternative to the modern woman who knows that color is a friend and not the enemy, slanting from the lexicon; ” I do not know how to combine this garment”, from the vocabulary of any woman.20160716-IMG_4908.JPG

20160716-IMG_4912-2Designer Mabel Cortez & baby Maya had to make a walk after the finale, of course!20160716-IMG_4918-2.JPGMy take on Mabella Chic? Always Chic.


This is a new local new brand to me, and that’s a great start!

My take on this emerging brand is it is a very fine and light touch to the 80’s and a hint of the 90’s. A solution to the urbanite, the city people, the night kids or the club kids.20160716-IMG_4957.JPG20160716-IMG_493220160716-IMG_4944.JPG20160716-IMG_4986.JPG20160716-IMG_4971.JPGThe constant asymmetry on the hems, the use of unexpected materials and patterns, with a color combination that seems disjointed, but at the end it is a choreography that only the city kids, and ELECTRIC LYON  know how to manipulate and excel at.20160716-IMG_4955.JPGThese two metallic insertions on the whole collection called my attention, even though, was tough for me to understand the asymmetric knee pads on the leggings. It left to the imagination solutions to glue the legs back together.20160716-IMG_492520160716-IMG_4938.JPGThe triangular shape cut-out on the back reminded me of the days of the Pet-Shop boys, along with hints of neon and primary colors.20160716-IMG_4974.JPG20160716-IMG_4966This yellow stripped dress with black leather pane in front and zipper was a raised note (The horizontal brace on the chest could be subtracted for a cleaner look, but I assume the designer had an objective to add it.)20160716-IMG_4948.JPGOnce again, the hair was on point. I loved the two little hair buds in all the female models, it truly added to the essence of the line. The addition of jewelry was not needed. I also wonder the linaments of the styling was really required.20160716-IMG_4952.JPG20160716-IMG_4919.JPG20160716-IMG_4965.JPGOnce again, black and white and patterns within those colors are a plus (one the merge of all colors, and the other one the absence of any color), Oh, and a friendly reminder, if I am able to on my own blog: please be careful with the  black and white patterns that are not on a true color (the ones with grays) or brushed tones, or ones that are not complete. The key of a black and white pattern is the rhythm, the repetition and the contrast in scale. Ones that are diffused or not disciplined in contrast? Those are no.


(you can find them on FACEBOOK under their name)

When attending these types of events, there is always the romantic designer who loves glamour, and by the way, who does not like glam, the beads, the crystals, the bedazzling – or the shine and sheen?20160716-IMG_4989.JPG20160716-IMG_5004.JPG20160716-IMG_5009.JPGWell, the line of Nazila Couture repeats itself with what does best – old world elegance.20160716-IMG_5024-2.JPG20160716-IMG_5017.JPG20160716-IMG_5049.JPG20160716-IMG_5043.JPG20160716-IMG_5034-2.JPGThe inclusion of saris on the runway are a plus of ethnic inspiration of this brand’s showcase and, of course, their trademark. Seated next to me, two future contestants of local and national beauty pageants were simply delighted to see the continuous selection of garments for their evening gown, while my other two socialites were making selections for the upcoming gala season.20160716-IMG_4999-2.JPG20160716-IMG_5016.JPG20160716-IMG_5058One garment that stood up, of the large selection, was a periwinkle (aqua blueish)  mini high skirt with long drapes of solid gauzy material with some platinum accents, presenting a one shoulder swag for an asymmetric stance on the silhouette composition .20160716-IMG_4996.JPGA modern take on an evening gown.Once again, the inclusion of a glamorous evening line, always works.




These are three brands that independently are fantastic!

20160716-IMG_1306.JPGAs the runway opens with two couples dancing a very elegant waltz, attired to an evening occasion, it set the tone for the entire runway show. Little did we know, it was a runway with bridal tendencies and new looks for couples who are about to wed or going out to a ball.20160716-IMG_132320160716-IMG_1329.JPG20160716-IMG_1360.JPG20160716-IMG_1367.JPG20160716-IMG_1375.JPGAs the lines are great independently, some fell overly “decorated” or overly “styled”, just to make sure the three designers were showcase in a look, but hey!, we all can breakdown a look as it goes down the runway. It is an exercise for those that understand the designs and know about the brand.20160716-IMG_133820160716-IMG_1324.JPG20160716-IMG_131720160716-IMG_133220160716-IMG_1352.JPG20160716-IMG_1369.JPGOne highlight of the entire collection, of collection of collection, was the finale bridal gown by Galina Couture, that I was familiar with from the last SMoCA Mix fundraiser. Here the look took a fantastic appeal by the addition of a crown and a bouquet, plus the walk of model was on point.20160716-IMG_1377.JPG20160716-IMG_1385.JPG20160716-IMG_1387.JPGA suggestion to designers on this collaboration resumed in two words: edit and subtract.

But overall, well done. I just cannot imagine the hours of creative discussions, and the long hours of coordination to present this collaboration to the audience.20160716-IMG_1394.JPG


(Under the same name on FACEBOOK & TWEETER)

A finale, should be a finale, more so, when it comes to fashion, and should leave audience wanting more.20160716-IMG_1432.JPGA local designer with much passion of the dark and eclectic, with an experimental taste carried in most of the looks, to a point that sometimes the confection technique and the material or silhouette became an extravagant taste of forward fashion. An origami burnt to create depth and contrast, oversize petticoats or oblong under-garment-structures dictated a departure, with element of design such as capes, crowns, heavy and others only reserved to the dark and editorial.20160716-IMG_1406.JPG20160716-IMG_1401.JPG20160716-IMG_1404.JPG20160716-IMG_1396.JPG20160716-IMG_1399.JPG20160716-IMG_1411.JPG20160716-IMG_1416.JPG20160716-IMG_1427.JPG20160716-IMG_1421.JPG20160716-IMG_1451.JPG20160716-IMG_1446.JPG

20160716-IMG_1457.JPG20160716-IMG_1464.JPG20160716-IMG_1470.JPG20160716-IMG_1478.JPG20160716-IMG_1488.JPGWhat is next for this designer? We must wait for now, but we all agreed that we are eager to see more.20160716-IMG_1496.JPG20160716-IMG_1502.JPG


The event, once again, brought fashionistas, emerging models and their families, bloggers and some sprinkled socialites to attend a date with fashion, at a community level with great passion and great outcome.

Fashion that gives – that is.

Congratulations to all teams, all volunteers, sponsors and attendees, but a huge thanks to Mabel and Jenesis, as it takes a huge effort to create this event.

Looking forward to see #WFS2017.

Here I am with a photographer, and true fashionista with a lovely seduction for collecting shoes, a professional that I adore, my dear Miachelle DePiano as I arrive to the event.20160716-IMG_1151.JPGAnd of course, below, with my two BFF’s, Mrs. Angela Karp & Mrs. Irma Deihl who had an editorial on my blog a while back “If I *wear* you“.20160716-IMG_1158.JPGHere I am with the most gorgeous Latinas in the whole state of Arizona, the currently crowned Miss Arizona Latina and her young version Miss Teen Arizona Latina.13925866_866168973516024_4209713390434972553_o.jpgAnd of course, below, with my husband, my biggest support and my rock. (photo courtesy of Manish Sharma #CaptureNshoot).papi and meAlways in style,

Oscar ~

Special thanks to  Jam and Azra Sani from Jam Sani Photography for providing a photographic coverage for this post. Thank you!






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