His is a name with a Lebanese tradition that is anchored in the Americas at a small port town on the northern coasts of Colombia, by the name of  Santa Cruz de Mompox. Mompox is a religious colonial town that showcases a romantically design neoclassical main plaza flanked by delicate ornamented Spanish Colonial architectural facades. The town is known for its mustard yellow cathedral with white gingerbread decor with a deep red terra cotta capping its bell tower. This iconic building that has witnessed centuries of immigrants from all over the world coming to the Americas, and still stand proudly at the center of town.


Anchoring that aesthetic symphony of mustard yellow of the cathedral and its ornate white accents, this colonial town unfolds and leave many other architectural structures that are part of the history of the town and to which the local fashion designer Hernan Zajar will use constantly in his designs, but more so and closely in his latest collections.

Hernan Zajar - Fashion Designer.jpeg

This picturesque little town sitting alongside the Magdalena River (the biggest river in the country) gives direct access to the  international seas several miles north, and with its soft breeze, cultures from all over the world have found a place to settle.

Hernan’s family  settled from the distant Middle East in this little port, where little Hernan lived face-to-face with the world of design. First seeing his Uncle Fausto (a medical doctor by trade) drawing and manufacturing intricate detailed jewelry in gold – a technique that requires exquisite detail called “filigree”,-  one that native town of  Mompox is known for.  These teachings from his uncle, were later incorporated into his own lexicon as designer when he launched his first jewelry design, which was paired with his fashion design.


HYears later, after loosely working in the world of fashion designing garments for friends in school, he took the big leap and studied fashion design in the capital of Colombia.

This was perhaps his first contact with the international scene.

Hernan has dressed many of the ladies who are and have been participants of the Senorita Colombia Beauty Pageant, or Miss Colombia.


His incredible evening gown designs have been his biggest platform to showcase his abilities as a designer . Having created so many designs over the years, and thanks to that national and international exposure, the international socialites are constantly asking him to design for them.

Meanwhile, enjoy this fabulous runway show that took place in his hometown of Mompox.

Here are some images of his line inspired by his hometown.

zajar-2zajar-3-1zajar-3zajar-5zajar-1I am literally dying to bring him back to the west coast of the USA!

Here I am during Bogota Fashion Week, trying to persuade him to come and bring his incredible vision to all of us.

In conversations with Hernan Zajar (R of me) and next to him Fashion designer Ricardo Pava with guest.
My friend Hernan Zajar and myself after the launching of BFW

So, stay tuned, and hopefully, soon, we will have him with us here in the states!

Always in style,


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