Every year the HFPA kicks-off the award season with an spectacular celebration to the world of visual arts in a one of a kind award ceremony.

One that allowed this very Hollywood star studded unique non-profit to donate more than 23 Million dollars since it’s insertion and serve all over the globe a wide rage of charities, and every year one of our most beloved philanthropists Micheline Etkin, makes the journey to the holly city of cinema to attend the annual Golden Globes Awards, and every year this The Agency Arizona signed fashion model, mom of three, now grandma, and supporter of many charities brings to the glamorous red carpet a message of goodwill. Through her presence at this international award ceremony, she is able to network and speak about the social campaigns she is contributing to.

Well, this year, (like the one before), she is an goodwill ambassador to the ICPCN (International Children Palliative Cancer Network)an honor reserved to an elite of ladies around the world.

Dressed as Snow White, Mrs. Etkin visits Ryan’s House October 2016 bringing a moment of comfort, and love to the little patients battling cancer.

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As she arrives, she has a series of interviews with media listed on her appearance to the long and narrow red carpet that precedes the award ceremony, where she will have to opportunity to talk about her initiative, and bring awareness to this enormous effort by many in the world of children’s healthcare.

If you have followed this blog, or my social media outlets (just my name spelled), you can see how I have styled the fashions of Mrs. Etkin on her previous appearances to this event, and how we have made changes year after year to keep her image to the elegance and sophistication she graces everyone as she attends this (and other) events.

 in preparations to the Golden Globes 2014

and then the final look that year;


I was called, once again and with much love by my dear friend to help her style her for the occasion.

Well, we looked at several outlets, and talked, aaaaand talked to find what would be the look she wanted this year’s red carpet appearance. Finally, head seamstress and the incredible hands of  Tamara Crawford from Tamara Alterations (my right hand when it comes to create, alter or tailor fashion garments) had put aside for months an incredible cobalt blue french lace she had ordered for a very special occasion. This, was the occasion and none of us thought about it twice when we saw it.

With that voice Micheline owns,.. then called me in the middle of the night;

  • Meu querido, I have a question for you, (and you cannot say no –  implicit, of course).  Can you help me on creating/design this year’s Golden Globe look, please? – I have an idea but need Oscar!”

How could I say no?

Just like that, and  with that sentence, she woke me up, and brought me back to the years when I used to seat next to my mother, and her seamstress at her tailoring shop, to sketch away and transfer their ideas into a paper. An exercise that started in many different way, from going through magazines, picking fabrics, selecting colors, and buttons, and details, and, and, and,….Which it was an exhilarating process for a man like me, that feels passion about design and style.

Well, little stubborn and opinionated Oscar had to give his incisive view point all along, until I took over the entire design, adding my little knowledge, and design spirit to the garment. Selecting details, creating silhouettes, adding buttons here and there, cutting with the garment or muslin on the mannequin, well, you name it, being finally my own design. How old was I?, Oh, yes,… perhaps 12 ?

I must confess, I am not a fashion designer, and give my must solemn bow to those incredible fashion designers that have made the trade a way of living and have made our world a prettier place (ad many times a comfortable one) but these are challenges that challenge me to create and exude design. Those moments I tend to revisit structural formulas, remember movies, revisit books, pick inspirations from magazines, work on a pantone, bring  history of fashion through the years to my pen and tracing, being the final result, a transfer of my vision into a paper.

Then, the workshop process of making that vision starts, and I have no better hands than Tamara.

Silly me if I share with you the final result on this post, ha? well, that is a surprise!, but I am giving you a preview.

Here are the sketches that will give you an idea of how delightful and timeless this cobalt piece is, with a hint of modern and spectacular power punch the choice of color  will give Micheline as she walks to attend the event.

MICHELINE ETKIN Golden Globes 2017 garment “MICHELINE BY OSCAR”  – (front)


MICHELINE ETKIN Golden Globes 2017 garment “MICHELINE BY OSCAR”  – (back)

I was not able to attend this year for multiple reasons,  I know, I  will miss the big party and the great time on the red carpet, the event and the after parties.

If you want to see Mrs. Etkin on the red carpet and her interview in our local TV channels, do not miss 12NEWS special coverage on Sunday at 9:00pm with Emma Jade from The Bevelry Hilton Hotel in Hollywood LIVE, and myself with Vanessa Ruiz and Caribe Devine in studio, when I will be giving my “favorites”,  and well, the “not-so-favorite” list of celebrities walking the 74th GG.  See you then!

Always in Style,



PS;  I also styled Dr. Bruce Etkin who will be wearing deep Navy Blue to pair up the color Micheline is wearing.


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