Every year the award season starts with this particular even by the IHPA (International Hollywood Press Association) by the name of THE ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBES taking place at the Hilton Hotel.

Right after awards like this, I get called by some producers to attend the right after event recap for the best and the Not-so-best dressed celebrities on the red carpet to attend the awards. This time Channel 12NEWS contacted me to tape two segments and talk to the audience about what just have happened minutes earlier in Los Angeles.IMG_4264.jpg

I have had the fortune to attend several award galas that are part of what is called “the circuit” in media and my input on that regards was one the producers wanted to hear as well.

So, this time, I had the talent of the channel with me on a set with three stools to talk about the matter;


Then the real questionnaire arrived and the selection went on LIVE air, with no changes like this;


You should have seen the LIVE video we made once the LIVE segment was out, ever since we did not agree in the choice by Nicole Kidman, and to talk in detail about why I was not much more strong about Pharrell Williams Channel choice.


Oh, well. Then, here they are;

ELEGANCE  – Chrissy Tegen  & John Legend

Now this is an elegant couple. One you can see attending a gala with much sophistication, while he is literally a “stud”  dressed to the strict standards of a formal tuxedo (very well suited and tailored) she gravitates around him softly with much femininity  Chrissy Tegen – On this halter neck line peplum top and mermaid flute alike skirt composition, make the whole ensemble a gown which its metallic fabric with little dimensional flowers break the stiffness and bring a soft moment of romance. What I like the most is the finishes on the hem on the peplum skirt  (a soft scallop) and the layer on her neck line.

Notice the earrings and the lipstick choice, perfect!


So, when I mentioned the words Hollywood + Glam (glamorous) I was not kidding. The era when Tinseltown created its imaginative dates to the times when recreations like this atelier Versace could have reign the screen. Now, this is the best combination to recreate that look Black + Velvet & Gold (in addition to emeralds as basically “garnish”). The train on the gown and the neck line makes a statuesque vision of this woman. A very well choreographed style effort.


Such a beautiful woman and a great choice on color (is the beginning of the season, and color is a must) but the silver vertical beaded element that breaks the garment in two makes her look as she has a long stability sternum bar on her chest. The gown had an incredible detail in back and that could have suffice the need to insert a decorative element.

Let’s see,…

To me, much better,  a cleaner look! – See, sometime less is more. To make it magnificent, then the detail is only in the back as she turns!


The need of embellishment when it comes to these type of galas is expected and the more, the better, s


I am a big fan of this woman when it comes to choices during the award season, and while the garment seems too big on her, due to her body figure that has lost large amounts of weight.  Just the fabric is a delight. Plus she was styled very simple, which helps.
This is a well (a bit too early in the season if you ask me)  executed “garden look”, not like the next look,…


Now, this is the woman who was washing something in the backyard and run through the plants with her long tweed skirt and EVERYTHING got stuck to it. You know? like wearing velcro? – It was a confusing skirt with all those elements and details attached to it freely, with no objective. This is was not competing on the beauty pageantry of “Vendimia Festival” (google it) to have all those grapes attached to the skirt, or she was not one of the queens at the “Rose Parade” to have all those flowers attached, to it. Now, the black velvet top was a beautiful solution, but the rest, not so much.


A very romantic gown with much sophistication. Yes, a bit too editorial, and somehow confusing, as if she was leaving a final rehearsal of a operatic performance, or a break while rolling a romance french movie of the XVII century, bit to me, she was styled beautifully, her skin tone and the garment were one, the details were breathtaking, I just can imagine how ethereal she might have looked.


While youth is a treasure in Hollywood, this woman might have been trying to keep still, and that is a mistake. Now, he style always pristine, shined on this one. Yes, I had to defend my argument while the televised AZNWES after Golden Globes Awards Special, with Vanessa Ruiz & Caribe Devine, but I have to admit that I do think now that the sleeves needed to wither be raised, or be trimmed, or be a little modified to play along with the hem and it’s finish.

The fabric itself was delightful to see. The metallics swoop on her body in front and back, just softly hug her from décolletage to floor while the white sheer allowed her alabaster skin to shine trough it.

Incredibly well choreographed.


This woman passed and none talked about this in detail. Yes, while it had a feel of costume and much of Latin-American “Costumbrism” or highlight the local folk versions of the farmers, this interpretation highlighted it and made it extremely interesting. Including her styling.

A bow to Frida Kahlo? and the ancestral Mexican heritage? , we will never know. In essence, this former Miss Universe looked stunning!


Always a pro- when it comes to red carpet appearances, our Colombian Sofia, has it and knows it. Back to what she knows and away from last year’s over the top black full of fabric gown; She brings sexy, metallics, and transparency. The bared shoulders on a scoop cut distracts from other locations on the torso area.  She is a favorite of mine and to many of us.


I just wish this gown had an opportunity to get finished. It seems that was never the intent on doing so. The color, the softness of the tulle, the air and space it created around her were to stare, but I will always asked;

  • “What happened’?



This is one of those examples when the stylist is trying to impress, and ends, well, you see; Over decorating, over thinking and over stating the garment and the persona to create an impression.

I heard once by a famous architect;

  • “The eternal elegance of being simple”

Now, don’t be mistaken with this next PRADA number.



Yes, simple,and elegant of the 50’s and early American modernism, but how much simple? and how much you want to represent an homage to Jackie O? – well, I do not know.

What I know is that I sent Micheline Etkin last year on this color and Jennifer Lopez  (A.K.A. J-LO) wore the same “chartreuse” tone and at a distance she made a nod to my friend. Go figure!


Yes, he makes us all Happy with his hit song,but this very beautiful interpretation of Chanel from the Indian traditional garments, and all the details, beads, chains, and even beanie, well, can’t make him happy. Look at all the pictures where he was photographed. He looked more concerned on sending the message and explaining his choice, rather than enjoying the party. He has such a great modern style, that this was disappointing.

, but I am sure next outing he will be well, Happy!


Now, that’s how you do a “gender-Bender” and this homage to David Bowie worked! – She looked stunning on this tuxedo version for women. Just feminine enough without being a costume.


This color and that neckline are just elegant for a woman whose elegance is part of her persona. Yes, we expect more on these red carpets, but this was just perfection, past the PEPTO color. I would of highlighted more with the addition of bigger jewelry, but that’s my appreciation to red carpet fashion.


She did not disappoint. Never does,… I guess.

My dears, I could go on, and review even the door man, and the staff, but I have to go.

The success of Micheline Etkin gown has claimed another two or three commissions, and on top of my architectural projects, I am excited to design these desings for high profile amigos (as), so stay tuned.

Always in style,




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