KICK-OFF PARTY with Oscar & Gary for ONE n TEN

Every year the local non-profit and LGBTQ organization One n Ten produces an event that is perhaps one of the most fun mornings of the year.

The annual FRESH BRUNCH gathers the entire Valley of the Sun community ,and the community in general to support our youth. This in order to create more opportunities for those left aside by the intolerance of lack of acceptance of their families,  and friends, as they have to walk life alone once they come out gay, lesbian or transgender.

Many resources and services are given to this youth, but there are sustainable programs that need to continue, no to mention the need of a new location as the need is much.

So, my husband, Gary Jackson, and myself are hosting a kick-off party at the local Suitsupply store at the Scottsdale Quarter to help sale tables and tickets for the upcoming occasion.

Not to mention that this is the place to get your brunch attire ready!

Here are some looks I styled for the occasion with my peer models from the FORD RBA Agency  – these pictures are at the Suitsupply store at the Scottsdale Quarter – yes!, the second floor ones. Take the escalators and make a sharp left, you will get a glimpse of the fantastic location.

Well, to me, these looks are a compass for your appearance as a guest to this occasion. Always remember that linen is a great material for this time of the year. You can get all suited-up or a sweater and a necktie will give you the look.

Patterns on your waistcoat will make a great difference (the bigger the better)
A monochrome suit on a light cotton will be comfortable yet elegant
BRUNCH look 3.jpg
The Oxford look to me is a classic and will be a trend, always!
Remember that light moccasins are a signature of elegance (use them with no socks!)
Monochrome look will give you that conservative banker look – go light in color!
A favorite of mine, the three piece suit! – plus this one in linen, woa!

Mark your calendar, send your RSVP at and hope to see you there on January 26th/2017 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Here is the full invitation, and let me know if  you need any directions or any extra information. A portion of the sales will be given back to the organization, so your help is a appreciated.

OneNTen (1).jpg
Always in style,



NOTE; all models by FORD/RBA are wearing Suitsupply.

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