So, the 74th Golden Globes Awards about a week or so ago were just the first awards gala of the year in Hollywood, and to all the stargazers is the place to be or the show to watch!

The best part of any, any, any of these awards and even any gala, is the arrival (at least to me).

Why you might ask?

Well, that is when  you feel and sense the empowerment or measure the elegance of the evening, and at the same time the secureness and self-standing and security of the guests. I know, not cool to be evaluated who you are by what you are wearing, but trust me on these environments to be listed on the best dressed list (sometime the worse) is like applying for a job interview without knowing. The more popular you are, the more attention you get from producers, directors, film companies CEO’s, Public Relation Companies and agents of all sorts. Not to mention that the last decade all social media portals have added another level of popularity and market never seen in our society.

Wonder then why some of the un-known people (to us) become stars all of the sudden? well check your social media portal, there is a button that says “follow”, so the more followers you have, the bigger your audience is, the more you can promote a service or a product.

Some people with high profile use this platform to create awareness and bring a message. This is applicable to my friend and muse Micheline Etkin, who is a goodwill ambassador to ICPCN (International Children’s Palliative Care Network) and whom during the last Golden Globes Awards was able to shine, with a gown that I designed for her!!! – How about that? – I think you read the story here on my blog right? – if not, click here.

Micheline Etkin
MICHELINE ETKIN – wearing “Micheline by Oscar”

Photography by; Carlos Piaggio

Well, the  design of gown was widely acclaimed and due to that our Micheline was able to communicate to the world her mission and create awareness about her platform as a goodwill ambassador.

Now, the media gave her great moments like this, where we were both interviewed by Catherine Anaya for AZ DAILY MIX.;

Mrs. Etkin and myself at AZ Daily Mix

And so, here is the complete segment;


And also other outlets like these;

AZ Redbook blog interview about the gown.

“Micheline by Oscar” on AZ Redbook


A great and very insightful blog post by Mom Style Lab blog by Angela Keller;

Mom Sytle Lab - Micheline by Oscar.jpg
“Micheline by Oscar” on Mom Sytle Lab


Plus, a report about the red carpet appearance all the way by the star studded reporter Ze Ronaldo, who knows much about fashion and style all over the world;

Ze Ronaldo - Micheline by Oscar.jpg
‘Micheline by Etkin” on Ze Ronaldo

In addition to all that incredible press, we made it to one of the most read fashion blogs in the city, and one that highlights incredibly well the style in our town, Couture in the Suburbs.


Micheline editorial at Jamies Bar with Golden Globes gown 2017 .jpg
Editorial  Golden Globes 2017 gown for Micheline Etkin for “Couture in the Suburbs”.



The interview showcases aspects of this production that others were not able to include due to length. It is a great read;



Interview for “Couture in the Suburbs” Fashion Blog


Last that I checked on this project in my office, there are other two sources that will run the article on different portals, plus some printed magazines that will have a blurb written about this great event on the world of fashion for us.

What’s next?, well, I do not know. I have been offered to design the fashions for a some contestants for a beauty pageant, as well as a very private conversation, two chats and three text messages of some ladies who would like to be/or be part of the “O” list to design and style their fashions for their upcoming public appearances.

What does that means? I have to get busy, and my team (the fashion production team, not the architectural & interiors) is going to get busy, very busy, and we appreciate the offer and the confidence.

Oh, and stay tuned to my social media channels,  @oscardelassalas,… as this gown and Mrs. Etkin are planned to have a photo-shoot on editorial mode at a marvelous location within the resorts of the beautiful Arizona desert. I will have, once again the honors, to direct such wonderful occasion with my team; Photographer; Chris Loomis and my right hand MUA & Hair by; Julie Koeth.

I leave you with these candid pictures or a  #BTS : “Behind The Scenes” of this incredible and unique process;

The talented  dressmaker and seamstress Tamara Lu Crawford from Tamara Alterations, LLC. who has been working with myself in a number of projects like this one, and who even going through chemotherapy and slowing down is the force of a work room of four. She gets hats off! top her for pulling this incredible creation together.

Could not have been done without her and her incredible willing power.

with our Tamara Crawford

And, of course, one of Mrs. Etkin’s favorites (and I have to admit mine too),…a very candid moment in the workroom.

I am asking for forgiveness in advance in case something went wrong!

Always in style,






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