Well, not everyday we have a derby race, and not every horse race had this tradition that goes back decades.
Yes, there is an attire for this specific event. Who decides what is the attire? 
Well, it is a tradition, and it is as old as the derby itself, I learned from the books of the derby, and in conversations with some friends from the south, that’s a day to simply wear your Sunday’s best!
Now, the official Kentucky Derby web site, has the perfect historical explanation;
– The long-established fashion was started with Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr.’s vision for the Derby as an event that the high-class would attend, similar to European-style racing events, which mandated full morning dress for men and women.
For the first running of the Kentucky Derby, he used high-class women to recruit his target clientele to attend the race.
The event quickly became just as much about the fashion as the racing. Going to a horse racing event became an opportunity to show off the latest in spring fashion and women were known to coordinate their hats, dresses, bags, shoes, and even parasols.”
The begging of spring hits the planes just the perfect weather for the race, and it is spring time, well, it could be warm and humid or cool and dry, the sun most likely is out that day in Kentucky (city where the races take place).

Event the official page  of the Kentucky Derby gives you all details,  including a historical overview of the decades of derby fashion;,..and even explains with the typical southern elegance what it is the suggested attire to this annual tradition;


To me, this is a point where you decide all elements, and make sure you are dressed to the part, and ready for the party.

This year AZ DAILY MIX asked me to present some of the looks and what could be the highlights, do’s and don’t for a Derby day.

I brought to the segment fashions from My Sister’s Closet ( a fantastic vintage store) and two of my favorite models;

Brazilian fashion model Ms. Alina Andrade, who has walked in Milan and best fashion shows around the world, (R- in red), and the 2017 Miss Arizona Latina, Ms. Yesenia Vidales (L – in Yellow) and next to me Ms. Danielle Williams, one of the hosts of AZ Daily Mix AZ-7 TV Show.

If you ask me, we look like we are on a brake from a BROADWAY MUSICAL, or we are out to the derby.

LIVE - KENTUCKY DERBY at AZ Daily Mix 2017 with hostess Danielle Williams

What I can give you on my list of suggestions?,  I said it all during the TV segment (well, some of the highlights)

But, here are some of the principals of derby fashion (in case you need to check again);

  • Wedges are a must, (if you want to visit the stables afterwards),
  • Keep the hats elegant and proportioned with your body size,
  • Bright colors and prints are great this time of the year
  • check the fashion magazines as to learn how the royals are dressing for spring (that’s a great inspiration, they have a longer tradition and know best).
  • Do not wear large hand bags,
  • Make-up should be day time, sun kissed and girly
  • Accessories are limited to the proportion of your hat
  • feathers, palm leave, fabric, netting or ribbon are the most used materials,
  • if you can pair up, or compliment your companion.

Remember, always, whatever is your expression of fashion, my suggestion is to make it personal and unique. Keep elegance, composure and fitness though out the day, if you drink spirits, do it consciously, and slowly.

Keep hydrated and keep your honorability intact. Last we want to see are those videos of drunken ladies stumbling on side walks, with heels on hand and stumbling home. No good.

Thank you to executive producer Laura Holka, for always receive with open arms all my suggestions for the segments,…gracias mi amore!

LIVE - KENTUCKY DERBY at AZ Daily Mix 2017 with executive producer Laura Holka

Always in style,


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