Well,  as we all know spring is here, and even if the upper west coast had so much snow last week, it is starting to smell like spring. We can sense that spring thing!

Recently,  I came across one of brands I am a fan on, and one of which I own a pair of killer red corduroy trousers, (they are a hit every holiday season, by the way).  BONOBOS  is the name- . So, I decided to visit their e-commerce platform,  pull from their catalog and pick selectively;

– “What would Oscar wear?”

Yes, spring is one of my favorite seasons (a statement my sinuses, and allergies will totally disagree with) but in terms of men’s fashion, is the perfect opportunity enjoy cool nights left by the winter, with some sunny days, and still keep somehow a  look that allow some layers. All this, before the heat of the summer requests you get to the beach with the lightest garments you are able to handle. Peeling (literally) one by one the layers to feel the comfortable ocean water, your pool, or a cool shower.

In searching the site, I created one of my favorite combinations, and perhaps a staple on my wardrobe when heading out for drinks with friends during a spring sunset in Coronado (Ca.).

A pair of shorts, with espadrilles a nice cotton shirt and a jacket, simple, elegant, casual, comfortable, and more so….lots of cotton.

From head to toe;

  • Cross Town Quilted Bomber in grey color
  • Yarn Spun Pocket Tee in white and navy stripe
  • Braided Stretch Belt in Blue
  • Washed  Chino Shorts in Navy
  • Mulo Waxed Cotton Espadrille in Orange

Yes!, very conservative and somehow all American, but hey, classics will always stay.

Now, I have to answer a question that I’ve been asked for a long time about the length’s of a man short pants. A very simple question;

– Oscar,….What is the length of the hem for shorts?

So, here are the standards when it comes to production of male garments, and perhaps what you will come across at the store, a simple chart like this on BONOBOS web site will allow you to see what are your options;


Since you spend 5 to 6 times a week at the gym, have a very strict diet and have carefully watch the balance of your upper body, and your lower body when lifting weights, plus your body proportions are the exact same ones as the Roman gods, you know what I mean,…  I suggest you to wear a 5″ inseam on the shorts on a very structured material such is Egyptian cotton.

If you are shy, and perhaps you are attending an elegant soiree or a luncheon or visiting your mother in law, well an 11″ inseam seems appropriate.

Remember you can wear anything in between, but one thing is true, never, ever wear any shorts below the knee, baggy, no belt, or even three sizes bigger, so you have to pull them-up as you walk, and your undergarments are visible. That’s simply a no, no. Well, unless you are performing in Broadway musical, an MTV video (or think you are cool like, like, like Bieber – the “likes” in one sentence) and you are to-cool for school, or think you are what the kids now call #thug.

Now, on the opposite side of the spectrum, if Capri pants are your thing, go for it!.

A rule of law when it comes to Capri (not the island in the Mediterranean) The hem on those pants should be only 2″ about the ankle and should be worn with no socks. My suggestion on footwear are sliders, sandals or moccasins,.. Tres chic!

As far as materials, I always stay with cottons (seersucker my favorite) and light wools, or gabardine when I want to give that elegant touch.

Now, moving on, to the second look.

Some springs, we venture to the upper planes and visit the Muir Woods National Monument, or Aspen, or even some friend in Greenwich in Connecticut and the weather really changes at night, to a more cool weather, but not cold. So, I tend to wear chinos, (perhaps my favorite material for pants, being a 100% washed cotton twill) they are perfect for spring weather and outdoors, and pair it up with a cotton shirt, a weaved sweater, and a pair of strong boots.

From head to toe on look two (option one);

  • Yarn Spun Long Sleeve Henley in Marled White
  • Charcoal Marl Cotton Yarn Cardigan
  • Braided Stretch Belt – Blue
  • Washed Chinos Garden Isles Color
  • East Chamberlain Boots – Toast Color

That’s a look on light earthy colors that play great with my skin. Now, some dudes love the darker tones, or what I call, colors with no brilliance, but strong hue.  A bit more forestry, greenie and somehow woodsy.

Check out the jacket with shirt cut and lining, which is a common cut within that region, here BONOBOS brings a new color and a one pocket rendition.

From head to toe on look two (option two);

  • Short Sleeve Henley – White Color
  • Palm Jacquard Crew Cotton Sweater
  • The Shirt-Jacket Olive Nylon
  • Washed Chinos Straight Cut – Blackjacks Color

Now, If spring takes us to the real coast, say Miami, or the other side, California, or even here in the Arizona desert, I like the very light colors, so this is it, (at least for me);

On two different tones of blue with contrasting shoe color, I think this look can migrate to summer.

From head to toe (option light tones);

  • Riviera Short Sleeve – Chambray
  • Graham Salers – Chino – Blue Color

I am a believer that you can wear white pants when you can, when you want….at least, when it is used wisely.

Bucking Blancos.jpg

These unstructured Chinos in white are just perfect anytime;

  • Bucking blancos Chinos in white

I get asked a lot about the fit for pants, more so for chinos. Well, each brand has it’sown pattern ,and silhouettes for their chino, and this one is this brand’s understanding of cuts and fits, so go and check them out!


Yup,… cool, uh?

I have to remind you that there are standards, and please, please, please, always choose the cut that flatters your body. A cut (Silhouette) that is NOT restrictive when it comes to move around, too tight that the blood pressure of your body will increase, or it looks like your pants are going to rip apart, or the opposite,  too big that you are always pulling your pants up! (some rap and hip-hop singers think that is cool, so if you want to be cool, and feel cool, well, yup!, three sizes bigger is).

Now, my suggestion? Yes, for a relax look, wear no belt and sandals, but my suggestion is to always wear a belt, and always a fit that fits your body.

Follow then these standards;

Type of chinos

There are other ensembles I can create from the options by BONOBOS web site, that I will revisit later on this brand. Actually, when I get some samples, or I am able to make it to the store, and I will then model them for you!

Meanwhile, and to get a better idea of  how modern, yet classic this brand is, these are some looks and images from their latest spring catalog, along with a fantastic fashion editorial photography and beautiful views of the desert;

If you see their trend this season brings to us lots of blue, tope, greys and natural tones, a landscape that is the day to me, and a composition in terms on looks and contrast that are totally my style.

So, the answer to ;

– “What would Oscar wear from BONOBOS?”

Has been answered!, and if I want to add a closing note here?

Well, I love the first look the most. One that I will wear over, and over again during spring, and with no jacket, all summer.

Always in style,



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