Sumer SPECIAL for fathers

I get this question all the time;

– “Is linen an easy material to wear?”

Well, it is. Thing be, you have to wear it more than once for the fabric and natural weaving of the material relaxes and gives that softy elegant summer look.


The other one;

-“It wrinkles!”

Yes, it does. It is a natural material and the threads are very apart, making the material prone to fold and to leave marks. Now, what you can do is to simply “spray” the fabric with a mister with water, and let it dry.  It will regain it’s natural flexible ability, creating a very light and airy feel that is part of the good of linen.

Suitsuply segement Father's day 2017

Another material I recommend is cotton, on a medium weight. The material not only is fresh, but retain sweat and keeps you cool.


This a recent segment on AZTV7 – Arizona Daily Mix ShowAZTV7 – Arizona Daily Mix Show where I am showing two of the most popular looks from a brand that I am ambassador of SUITSUPPLY.

Some of my favorite looks from this brand for summer’17,  are here;




Stay cool this summer gents!

Always in style,

Oscar ~







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