Every now and then, a trend comes within the world of fashion that stirs up, and shakes the fashion world.

Which one this summer?

THE ROMPER! (for men, that is)

We have seen the infamous late 70’s trend coming to the streets from the lingerie world within the women fashion landscape,… two years ago (when lace took over as a material to be used for outwear garments) and it was a hit last summer. Many fashion homes and independent designers decided to alter the short and top versions on their fashion silhouettes for rompers as sales sky rocketed.


Now, the turn is for the boys, and I doubt will take the same strong wave in stores, or e-commerce.

One thing ifs true. It is nothing new men using rompers. During the late 60’s and early 70’s with the re-inventing of men’s wardrobe and the finding of new materials. Well, to the point that for us (males) we had the option of the onesies! – I am sure you have got to get use to them, ….check them out;29A000E500000578-3124079-Handy_Have_trouble_tucking_your_shirt_into_your_pants_This_under-a-9_1434354842588.jpg

I am happy that trend went away!


Once again, the “romphim” or romper for men, is now a very heavy trend, and there are some guys happy with it. Sometime as a shock factor, sometimes as a fashion statement, simply check social media platforms and reports;RompHims at the market - chatting_1494966279081_9478053_ver1.0


The young guys seem to like them. After all they are fresh, usually made out of cotton with some stretchy material in it, and they are easy to get in and out. Perhaps a garment that was only reserved for mechanics, pilots and garderners. Even Hollywood had some cameos of Rompers in the past;

A long pant on this one for Tom Cruise in “Top Gun“;


But a full number (check the belt deatail) for “Double O seven” ( James Bond – 007);


As I said, the best way to see it if any idea “sticks” with the public is by checking social media portals, and boy there are all sorts of images, and it is now the “thing” of the summer for dudes.

I found a web site by the name of where any image is printed on a “Romphim”,


Then, the lace.

This one needs an analysis, and just to let you know, it is a trend that will be present all next summer in men’s wear.

Just, so, you, know!


I was asked about it recently on a TV segment about it, and my take?

-“if you are going to go all out, and wear a romper, as a guy, I utterly suggest you to hit the gym, get in shape and fill it nicely. They do pull, here and there. Last you want to look is like a badly wrapped tamale”.

My take, my very humble opinion.

Now, you have to have the physique and my friend Victor Orlando knows it. This is what he told me after he wore his “Romphim”.

–  “As soon as I saw the viral post, I wanted to be one of the first ones to wear the trend.- It fit me perfectly! – I was a little nervous wearing it for brunch, but everyone said; – “That romper?, It looks wonderful on you, only you can pull it off!

Check him on INSTAGRAM #v2tothev10

So, you can see how he pairs it up, and wears his ROMPHIM.

Here he is with his new ROMPHIM he paired up with Dior sunglasses and Paul Smith tennis shoes, ready to head out for brunch;


I have to admit that the monochrome Victor went for, is one of my favorites, but there are other options, and my fashion designer friend Jonathan Show, whit that whimsical and fun resort line he has created a great selection under Mr. Turk brand.

With multiple materials and prints, this new silhouette, could look hot!,…for the hot summer days ahead.



b36410d8a2e7301a9df0a0c2e41913ecAs I mentioned, you have to have the Physique to pull it off!


The Housewives from wherever BRAVO – TV host, and TV host, the always charming Andy Cohen, went for it as well;18580259_1929596407286178_2090537050284490752_n

And myself, not as hairy and a bit taller, …I wanted to give it a try about a summer ago when I visited the Palm Springs store and we met, so, I did. Even made it to the window in the shop and model it for a quick INSTAGRAM post on #mrturk and #mrturkstudio


I have to admit that it was comfortable, but I have a big booty, so it pulled. I decided for a larger size and getting it tailored.

Well, weather you like it or not.  It is a trend, and treated as a joke or fun fashion spin, or a serious statement, fashion keep us incredibly entertained.

Always in style,


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