Well, well, well,…

It’s been a crazy summer for me, and I have not had the opportunity to log my latest fashion story on my blog.

So, tonight, I decided to get you some of the behind the scenes on this experience, ever since today seems that the same fashion opportunity is getting rehearsed all over again.
As simple as this;

Earlier today, I got a call from a prominent international pageant director that represents several states in the USA, to create not one, but to present ideas for some of gowns for the upcoming state national beauty pageants for some of the contestants of that specific beauty contest, and even some options for some of the candidates del different conmuntries competing in Miss Universe this year, say what?,.. Wow!

The genesis of the call today, was a gown that I recently designed for Miss Utah USA 2017 Ms. Baylee Jensen. I think you have read on my social media channels all the details of this very design driven experience.

All that started as a simple call, by an old friend, asking for me to sketch some options for Baylee, so she was able to have a second option for her evening gown for the crowning evening, for this years Miss USA beauty pageant.

0k, i said, “yes!” – I know him for many years and know his very sophisticated taste naver fails, so it was an honor to be asked.

Simple, simple, simple.

I get hired for those type of consultations hourly, and I have to admit that is one of my favorite designers exercises.
Well, as you can see on the dates, we starting talking way in advance, yes!.About six months earlier (waybinnadvavce), of the due date and competition date. But, the conversation was simply a search in terms of what would fit her best, once again, simple.

I was just giving my input with some of the team members and family about style, color, cut, embellishmenr, silhouette, accesiyes, shoes, a full look that will suit her best for her evening look.

Here are the preliminary sketches;

BAYLEE JENSEN - January 22 2017BAYLEE JENSEN - BACK - January 22 2017

The approval was immediate.

So,  it became more than what originally we talked. I was requested to start looking for the material, or a material that might suit her best, and even deliver the design!

Well, I knew green was the color and remember in seconds, that I’ve seen a specific fabric from a vendor based in Paris but outsource in the Middle East, to me that was the perfect fabric!

So, I started calling to see if the material was still available.

I knew that the geometric design was the best fit to create the elements we wanted and accent in her body, those places that will create the famous “hour glass” so many ladies aim for.

The material was available, so the sketch was on point!

If you notice, the gown, on the second review had a very flow and sheer overcoat on chiffon that was later eliminated, as it was distracting and needed several layers to look substantial. That was perhaps too much for a pageant like this – perhaps for a performer, yes, or the MET Gala, yes, but certainly not a beauty pageant.


BAYLEE JENSEN - FRONT - VERSION ONE - January 22 2017.jpg

Given the height and body silhouette of Baylee, it was decided to eliminate the sheer overcoat, and move towards a more simple column look.

It was approved about 6 weeks before the competition, and my head seamstress Mrs. Tamara Crawford , and myself with the team moved fast-and-furious to meet the deadlines, and create a gown that was an option for the Miss Utah 2017 – All, with the surprise to all of us, that was the one she wore for the Miss USA 2017 pageant.

Here you can see Miss Utah 2017 – Ms. Baylee Jensen in all her glamour during the preliminary competitions for Miss USA 2017 in Las Vegas, earlier this year.


She did not win, but her beauty was enhanced by this creation that took a team to create, many hours of labor, and love, and one gorgeous woman to wear.

Well done my dear Baylee, it was a pleasure to create this unique piece of made-to-measure (couture) design for your grand evening.

WITH BAYLEE after MISS USA 2017 competition

Here is a video that gives you an idea of the whole process….

Oh, I have to let you know that I also designed the garment and style Miss Arizona Teen USA 2017, Ms. Karly Riggs, wore that evening for the crowning of or new Miss USA,…but that’s another post on this blog.

Always in Style,




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