I had this idea for quite sometime now.

A TV segment where all fashion showcased was designed, manufactured, distributed and manually produced in Arizona, showcased with Arizona talent, at an iconic Arizona location.

In other words, fashion in Arizona , by Arizonans for Arizonans.

Who would know better than Arizona based designers about the weather?, and/or materials we should use in our own state?. The Sonoran desert could be very moody, and change rapidly with sudden changes in a week (look how the weather dropped about 60F degrees after a monsoon!), or very steady, with a 100F degree mark for weeks, and with such variations though the year,  or such steady degree of heat, the constant is always one,…Heat!

So, the materials are key in a town like ours. Despite of living indoor most of the year, and/or always looking for shade. We have designers that connect with that need, work with the latest fashion trends and amiable silhouettes.

I got a call from an executive producer at Chanel 12 News asking to produce a Fashion Summer Trends. Naturally, I thought about the big box and big boutiques, that have the marketing power to produce segments like this, and even TV commercials (either city, state or national campaigns). So, this time, I decided to put in nothing that idea. ” Fashion in Arizona, by Arizonans for Arizonans. So, I suggested to do it all with local sources, with local designers at an iconic place in town.

The idea was approved and we moved forward.

So, I place a call to my dear friend, savvy fashion business woman, and talented designer, Angela Jhonson about the idea. We agreed on using her electronic platform  LABELHORDE, a fashion directory that has most of the local industry in Arizona.


We used social media to spread the word, and LABELHORDE as the platform to recruit and direct all talent needed. From models, to hairstylist to fashion designers and even accessory designers were needed to create this showcase. It was simply a runway show, that I was able to curate, based upon the guidelines given by the producer.

We also agreed that the best location to shoot the segment had to be F.A.B.R.I.C. building in downtown Tempe. Our first and only Arizona fashion incubator, where not only fashion is designed but also made by local hands, and even sold within the private ateliers (offices) of each designer. A location founded by Angela Johnson and Sherry Barry  (Founder of Arizona Fashion Source), and now managers with the assistance of the City of Tempe, to create opportunities for young fashion designers, and to manufacture Arizona design fashion, plus to be a full community platform for design and style.

We selected the designers, the models and the MUA & Hair team, many volunteers and idea was to showcase in two days (4 hours each day) what Arizona had to offer in terms  of latest trends of Office Wear, Casual Wear, Resort Wear, and Evening Wear.

Designer call-out curating process with Theodoro.jpg

With one idea in mind, Let’s show what we can do in Arizona. Here are some of the behind the scenes, of a showcase taped in series;

Taping Arizona Fashion Trendsand created showcasing per fashion designer and per look agreed with the producer,

Arizona Fashion Trends 12 newscreated a runway show, just to create a cover for the story, and a commenting  story between Vanessa Ramirez (the AZ12 News Host) and myself;

Taping AZ12 News Arizona Fashion Trends


This particular showcase was for a Jewelry designer by the name of Lana May and her accessories collection;

In two days with long 6 to 8 hours, the models got ready, the designers showcased their collection, the MUA & Hair team did a fantastic job changing from look to look to match the idea behind the showcase. We taped, and then waiting to see what the producer was able to cut and air, almost a month later.

Fashions on AZ12news.jpg

The grand Finale, had to look like that…a grand finale with much couture and the appearance of Vanessa Ramirez in one of the designer pieces, in this case, she decided to use Theo Doro Designs.

Grand finale - 1.jpgGrand Finale with Vanessa Ramirez.jpgGrand FInale -2Grand Finale picture.jpgSince TV time is so limited, and some important headlines happened dung the week, our segment had to be aired short, but hey!, we had a full week of Arizona Fashion Trends, designed by Arizona Designers, confectioned by Arizona hands, with Arizona based models, and Arizona Hair and makeup style at an Arizona iconic fashion location,…A first time in our statewide television.

It worked!

Here are some of the previews, and high lights;

with so many looks, production had to create short videos to fit he entire schedule of the morning news show;

To go out, well, Arizona is a resort town after all…..

And a gala, a wedding or a formal party….


On this link, you can see what we all saw  all week on (click on this) 12 News Arizona

Thanks to Fashion Models, Fashion Designers, Make-up Artists, Dressers, Back Stage Management, Fashion Volunteers and everyone who made these pre-recorded segments possible.

Special thanks to Labelhorde via Angela Johnson for hosting the designer and model call, and to Sherri Barry as well for allowing the crew to use our first fashion design and manufacturing incubator Fabric as a set for these segments.

TV time is so limited, that only few of the designs were shown, but if you need any of the designs and want to see more of the designers, here is the list,…soon on my blog all links and more behind the scenes.

Thank you designers;
– Laura Tanzer from Laura Tanzer Designs
–  Tabitha Holmes from House of Holmes
– Mabel Cortez from Mabella Chic
– Jenesis Laforcade from Woman’s Touch Apparel
Marauders Worldwide
Northern Clover
– Dorota Zglobicka from Theo Doro
– Sam Hamati from Hamati Designs
– Ellen Dayan from Tiger Lily Dress Shop
– Monique Samuels and Maria Elena Fagre from Monique Fagre Swimwear
– Cody Faeth from Euro Trash
Looks Good An-Ya Fashion
– Upcycle Fashion via Sherry Design .
– ME Linda Creations
– Lana May from Lana May Jewelry Designer
– Monica Mauro from Monica Mauro Jewelry

As well as the models;
– Cody Faeth,
– Owen Parker
– Edwin Humberto Sanchez
– Emily Ramirez; Teen Universe Utah 2017
– Reinet Lewis
– Stephanie Putnam
– Stephanie Flores current; Miss Teen Arizona Latina 2017
– Sara Mc. Donald.
– Tayler Schereck; Teen Universe Arizona 2017
– Michelle Robson,
– Sarah T. Cardenas
– Yesenia Vidales; Miss Arizona Latina 2017
– Simone Biles

and Hair design;

– Ethan Murray from E’s Urban Hair

– style Suite

3 jay Productions 

This was a showcase produced for Arizona 12 News, and a great way to present to Arizonans options to keep fashion as a portrait of who we are as Arizonans.

My conclusion is that; sustaining local enterprises makes us self-sustainable, and fashion is one of the most used line item when it comes to economy.

Thank you team!

Always in style,



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