There are so many things I like from the designs of Modern American Glamour by my dear friend Jonathan Adler.

Jonatan Adler and Oscar De las salas.jpg

My favorite spot in Palm Springs is his unconventional approach to the remodel of The Parker Hotel. A remodel of an existing structure that embodies all that savior faire of the modern America, and all that glamour of the city, bringing what Jonathan calls the American Glamour as the best environment to rest and live that movie star resort lifestyle.

The parker

His vision of interior spaces that make you fell that movie star drapes down to every single detail in a room, an environment or an space. From the lights, to the furnishings, to the geometric addiction that he seems to have, which is one I share on my designs. The love of black and white,…and in white, his pottery!

Here are some of my favorites.

From very formal, and even that hit of Salvador Dali’s surrealism;

with much anthropomorphic sense and exuberance;


to the replica of the nature;

Bannana Bud vase

essence of Escher, and graphic attempt to cure all balance of design on a simple vase;

So, with much floor and pizzaz, you have access on a discount to these pieces and everything in the store with my designer discount to August 8th/2017, at the Biltmore Store in Phoenix,  by simply saying;

“OSCAR sent me”.

When you check-out.

Oh, and it is applicable to your entire purchase.

Yup!, like OPRAH , I do have favorite things, at Jonathan Adler, and since I don’t have the dough to buy y’all all things I like to all of you, I can pass to you my designer discount.

JA -1

A full blown 25% off on your final purchases at the Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix (initially).

So, when you pick-up all your goodie, and you are ready to checkout, just say,… “OSCAR, sent me” – The staff will know, by the way, the discount applies to your entire purchase. That’s the code and shhhhh, only tell your family and friends, or show this post through August 6th/2017.

So, have fun buying mid-century modern glamour inspired design, and if you see me at the store, I can show you my favorites of favorites! ….

Always in style,

Oscar ~

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