The latest TV resort segment had to be so elegant and so resort wear that I had to bring a standard on resort wear, that clearly it stays in my head still.

I know, it is Caftan or Kaftan (with a “C” or with a “K”) and that’s just an F.Y.I.

I had to learn the history of the Caftan to be able to present one of my favorite brands to the public in general during one of my latest TV segments. My recollection of the clothing piece comes from my early childhood in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean when I used to see my grandmother and sometime aunts (even my mother) wearing this very colorful robes to go out, made of a very, very, very light material.

The kaftan/caftan is an ancient tradition.

History of Caftan

A fashion from the old Mesopotamia (XVIII century) that was used mainly by males, always with undergarments and then widely used by female, with much adornment and with materials to give status, such gold ribbon, and previous stones. It became years later the traditional Moroccan piece of clothing and even part of their country identity.

Persian Caftan

I remember the 1970’s at home with my mother using a Kaftan and a made turban of a martial called TERLENKA, which was a manufactured material that was a heavy polyester.

It was the hit of the 1970’s when the tribal fashion came in full force, with a heavy graphic design influence and colors that only psychedelic fashion was able to deliver.

Model In Red & Yellow

Plus it was the talk of the moment and even royalty – Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, was captured many times wearing the fashion trend back then –   that was not from the Middle East adopted the look, becoming the standard in the mediterraean.

Princess Grace Kelly on a Kaftan

If you ask me, it never left, (even if some attest differently) – It might have had disappear from the glossy magazines (or trendy Instagram pages) but the ladies around the Mediterranean Sea that live or vacation there know that it is simple a standard of clothing, in either colorful monochrome, powerful colors and prints, the ease of use and elegance makes it, well a standard.

So, I introduced on AZTV-7 a month of resort wear, and with that, Kaftans!

One of my favorite designers is my friend Shahida Clayton and her incredible feminine resort wear brand Shaida Parides;

Shida Clayton closing runwayshow of her brand Shahida Parides

Her line has an incredible mix of prints and colors over a material that is a blend of satin, crepe and viscose.

The garment has three different way to wear, and the prints go from multicolor blend of feathers, tiger prints, cornucopias, architectural elements, flowers, fruits and more, ….extremely colorful or simple.

I opted for the color and the print, of course! – it is summer time!


So, I listed a fabulous group of beauty queens to showcase this very traditional and now modern garments;

– Emily Ramirez; Teen Universe Utah 2017
– Stephanie Flores current; Miss Teen Arizona Latina 2017
– Tayler Schereck; Teen Universe Arizona 2017
– Yesenia Vidales; Miss Arizona Latina 2017

I also decided to style the rigging beauties, as my mother and/or my sister would wear the fashion garment today (this summer) – I hope I’ve made justice to the look (not the trend).

Shahida Parides Fashion on AZTV7.JPG

Shahida Parides Fashion on AZTV7-3

Shahida Parides Fashion on AZTV7

A picture with AZ TV Legend Mr. Pat McMahon;With Pa McMahon - Shahida Parides Fashion on AZTV7.JPG

A candid picture with host Catherine Anaya;With Catherine Anaya on AZ Daily Mix - AZ7TVAnd of course, the picture with the two hostess of AZTV7 – Arizona Daily MixAZ DAILY MIX - AZ7 and Shahida Parides Kaftan and Turbans

So, here it is the cut in case you missed the fabulous and colorful TV segment LIVE on AZTV7 you can watch it on my VIMEO account, or maybe here;

Designed in Arizona for the world, our Shahida Clyton just presented her latest collection in Miami during the annual Miami Swimweek 2017, and it was a hit!

So, here is an option for you when it comes to resort wear, I promise you, that you’ll a hit withe these Caftans, Kaftans, Caftans, or Kaftans, but more than anything the comfort of a garment well designed in great materials.

Always in style,


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