What to say?

A message is a message, and clothing and fashion allows you to stand strong and take part on that message like no other.

The 75th Golden Globe Awards was the perfect platform, opportunity, and window to the world for the Hollywood elite to stand strong, and let people know that when things get to a level of intolerance, many things can be done, and in this case the glamour of the evening changed to a more deep dark, dingy, somber, murky, gloomy, cheerless red carpet.

Now, yes, the message was strong, was at a place, but I ought to admit that those who decided to wear some sort of bedazzle, or rhinestone or bright accent distracted the objective,…but, that’s the good of design. Not only the interpretation, but also the endless possibility in front of a set parameter.

I was asked to be part of the segment “Rocked-it  or Wrecked-it” on Channel 12 News  right after the Golden Globe Awards;

With Caribe and Mark during GG 2018and that was a task that was not easy this year, ..given the parameters by the “Time’s Up” stance.

This is the segment;

Here is a little Behind Scenes video that will give you an idea of what was going through my head, and what happened during the life cast.

Now, My favorites?

Here are my favorites that celebrated with a very delicate use of elements of bedazzle and much elegance what the evening stance was all about.

Mrs. Jolie, the most stunning woman with a Hollywood Glam feel that says much about the message

Angelina Jolie

With much Volume, one of the Kardashians….Kardashian

Heidi Klum, decided to have a high low as well, with less volume and a striking materialHeidi Klum

Jessica Bail with much pleated volume and proper sheer with a strapless that complimented her elegance.Jessica Beil.jpg

Nahomi Campbell arrives with a simplicity and elegance that followed the idea and message, and I think that was the idea….very understated elegance..Nahomi Cambell

Carly Steel decided to added some elements of brilliance, and still has the element of grace.Carly Stell.jpgI have others, but check them on the link on line.

It is always a pleasure to share times with Caribe and Mark on 12NEWS;

Oh, my suit? Mr. Turk, as everyone wanted to know while they were voting live.

My Mr. Turk Suit Rocked-it or Wrecked-it

Mr Turk Polka Dot.jpegNow, what is going to happen during the Oscar’s ….there is a message to be sent!

Always in style,

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