Times have changed, and the man of today is one that looks for a balance in all levels of his life. From work, to love, to family, to community, to aspirations and dreams, the man of today encompasses what the life of modernism is all about.

I am extremely honored of being featured as a MODERN MAN on the latest issue of Modern Luxury Scottsdale Magazine. I never imagined to be paired with top producers in our city for a series of dossiers and articles about ourselves,  our brands, and our upcoming opportunities.


Here are some Behind The Scene (BTS) video images of the grand occasion.

Of course being one of the SUITSUPPLY global ambassadors, I honored that incredible mention, by wearing “the traveler” for the final take. An incredible light wool suit with a very “shaped” silhouette, and for this final take, as the businessman, I opted for a dark blue, as the standard businessman color.

MODERN MAN for Modern Luxury Scottsdale

Thank you to the entire team behind this photoshoot.


No doubt, one of the highlights of 2017!

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