Sometimes we pick elements of design  for ourselves that set us aside from the rest.

In my case, is not that I “decided” to pick that mark, or create a feature on my face or add a great pair of glasses to look, well, you know, smart? I was 11 years old, and I started to get headaches, could not concentrate, see things blurry, I was moved around the classroom by the school principal in order to get closer to the teacher’s chalkboard, just to see. I was then moved to the front of the room, so I could basically read, and know what was going on.

They were all concerned about what was going on thinking that it was ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), my mom then took me for an eye exam, and voila! The ophthalmologist found out that I needed glasses.

So, I am a simple case of nearside vision with a pinch of astigmatism. I knew then that this was a case of style as well. What? a pair of glasses?  why?, back then the surgery was not an option, and when I tried to have it done, I chickened out big time!  If you do not know, maybe you do, I have a love and hate relationship with the size of my nose! – It is a inheritance from my grandmother Candida, on my mother’s side. A true gipsy Andalusian nose, so big, that eats he rest of my face, leaving no space for my cheek bones or my eyes. woa! what now?

Throughout my life I had to live with the “what time of glasses I have to wear now?”

whatwouldoscardo for ECHO MAGAZINE - July 2018.jpgBack in Spain, while I was a Master student in the arts faculty, I found a cute store in Salamanca, where I found a set of BLACK in color frames with a particular squarish/rectangularish/roundish shape. Voila! that was the answer to distract from the nose and to match my hair color (thinking it would be black my entire life, but no. It is going on salt and pepper now that I am close to my golden years.

So, I have transitioned from frame to frame since then on darker colors, From dark chocolate, to deep midnight blue (almost black) to deep, deep black, which I love.

My dark frames are part of my persona, and part of me. I think will not be the same without them. So many years, more than 30 decades wearing them makes me wonder about not having them. All and all they are part of me.

I don’t look the same without my glasses!




So, I needed to change from my prescription glasses, and I decided to go deep blue this time, with a soft blue tint on the lens (recommended for summer driving) and now I am in front of a decision that I am sharing with my readers of my bloody-blog looking for suggestions, points of view, recommendation, and even helping me to make a decision.

I went to FramedEwe store at the Colony in Uptown Phoenix, where I am getting my prescription glasses lately, and a brand that I am a proud ambassador of, …So I found myself deciding between these two frames. Remember they have to have a light, very light blue tint. They are both dark, dark, blue.

A; They are fabulous by a company by the name of  Jaques Mariemage. One that I own already a pair of glasses from

B; Another company that I love, Dita


What to do? What Would Oscar Do?, ask his group of savvy stylish friends ….




So send me a message, vote on my social media, or let me know…I am taking all advice, tryst me!

Always in style,





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