The latest Where Magazine book of the year has an interview where I give an update of all things OSCAR.

My dear friend Laurie Malone synthesized very brilliantly the moment when everything changed for me. I “Galvanized” when I started daring who today is my husband Gary Jackson That’s what was missing to conquer the dream and close the gap.
I was ready to become a citizen, had someone who lived in the same city, had the same interests as me, was about to purchase the firm where I worked.



Then, I realized…this is home!

Phoenix is home, Scottsdale is home, Arizona is home. so I had to say and raised the volume of my involvement locally, created my circle, and identified where and who I need to talk to make this place the place I never moved to on the east coast and went to work.

hat & polka dots.jpg

All my talents at the level I was able at work for the place I called Home,..WHERE? Phoenix Arizona !


Full interview;

Thank you editor Michelle Glicksman for the interview!
Photography by Phylis Lane
Fashion; Suitsupply
Time Piece; Brera Orologi

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